Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrible 2's

This is just the beginning of the terrible 2 stage for AJ and I have a feeling we haven't even touched the surface of what it might become.

He is not really naughty, just a little curious.
I like the using of the storage box as a stool. Whatever works!

He climbs up to play the piano all the time.

He LOVES this gorilla, which is not really a stuffed animal but a computer dusting animal we got for Christmas.
I find AJ on top of the table a lot. Once he climbed on top of the computer desk but I was too nervous to leave him there to get the camera and take a picture.
This was his newest stunt which I'm sure he learned from his siblings. I heard his little whimpers from the other room and ran to find him like this. Then I left him there to go get the camera. He probably wondered if I was ever going to save him. I love that petrified look on his face!
Okay, I know these terrible 2's could be worse, and probably will be, since right now they are just pretty cute! I am loving this little boy and every stage he goes through since I know this is our last baby!!!!!

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Jean McKendrick said...

I foresee a broken limb in your future. :)