Monday, January 10, 2011

Eldon's favorite Christmas Gift

Eldon's boss gave Eldon his 2nd row Jazz tickets for the Jazz/Portland basketball game on December 27. Eldon was extremely excited for the game, but he was nice enough to take me to Temple Square before the game. I'm always bugging him to take me every year!
Eldon, Julia, and Andrew in front of the Nativity at Temple Square.

We only had Julia and Andrew because we only had 4 tickets to the game.

The kids were in awe when they saw the Christus. It's like seeing it for the first time every time.
The lights were beautiful!
I love this temple! I think it looks especially magnificent in the night! Andrew was quite excited to be there!
The tickets included dinner before the game at Legends Restuarant in the Enery Solutions Arena. This is Andrew's first taste of shrimp. His words, "That is Disgusting!"
Julia and Mom at the game!
Dad and Andrew looking excited! Yes, this is Eldon's excited face!
The Portland Trailblazers

Dessert at half-time. YUM!!!

It was a little dissappointing that Brandon Roy was injured and did not even travel with the team. But at least they still won!!!


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Jean McKendrick said...

What a cool Christmas gift. I've been to a jazz game before and thought it was really fun! I love temple square too.