Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walk With Angels II

May 21 was the 2nd Annual Walk With Angels fundraiser for the United Angels Foundation. We joined this foundation after our Up with Downs group dissintegrated. We have loved this group and the fun parties they have. This fundraiser is also extremely fun! They have games and activities for the kids. Like the cupcake walk and face painting.


Walking with family!

Too many pictures for Emma.

Meeting Cosmo

Piggy-back rides

Star Wars Characters


We couldn't get Emma off this one.

And Bounce Houses


more food

They even had a trailer full of video games. Your kids come out looking like zombies!

It was a fun family day and we appreciate all the family support we had there and those who supported from far away! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! We are so blessed!

Andrew's Preschool Program

Andrew had his preschool program on the 19th. He was very excited about it, and a little nervous. We were sad daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Hult and Grandpa Tuckett weren't able to be there.

I started recording the whole thing, but my video camera died so I pulled out the camera to get a few still shots.

Andrew was counting to 100 by 10's with another boy and he was too shy to look at the audience so he watched the other boy the whole time.

Andrew had two of the best preschool teachers ever! Mrs. Allan is his Aunt so he even got to see her at family parties.

Mrs. Parkinson is Kelly's neighbor and she had a daughter in the class with Andrew.

My camera died during the program also so we had to take these pictures with the teachers a week later when we took them their teacher gifts.
I am so proud of my preschool graduate!

Miscellaneous May

My favorite mess maker. Who has to have this hat on when he sweeps. It must be part of his uniform.

Helping CJ celebrate her 9th birthday with skater cake and everything!

I got to help at Julia's fieldtrip and talk about a mountain man rendevous and what goes on there like tossing buffalo chips (paper plates) and shooting strait shooters (spitting marshmallows through straws) It was a lot of fun, but I didn't get to follow Julia and her group so the only picture I got was her eating lunch with her friends. Can you believe she would rather stay and eat lunch with her friends than eat out with her mom???? Crazy!

I was in charge of the Mother's Day cake for my Mother in Law. I have decided I might like to be a cake decorator when I grow up, not because I'm good at it, but because I LOVE TO PLAY WITH FOOD!!!

This is how AJ wears flip flops. I love the stage when babies walk around the house in everyones shoes!

Fishing Day

Utah Fish and Game hosts a fishing day for kids with disabilities at Salem Pond every year. There were many bus loads of kids there. I was excited Emma's teacher asked me to tag along. Sometimes Emma loves it when I go on fieldtrips with her, and other times she doesn't love it. This time she was happy I was there. Yeah!!

They provided lunch for us, which, as you can see on Emma's face, was delicious!

They have the fish already hooked and throw them out in the pond so the kids can reel them in.

Emma was very excited about catching a fish.

She even touched it.

Is that a proud fisher girl face, or what!

Emma's class even got to meet Smokey the Bear.

We had a great time at Fishing Day and we didn't even get rained on. We can't wait to go again next year!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Emma's Mother's Day Program

Emma's class does a special Mother's Day Program. It was so sweet!
Here Emma sits not very lady-like waiting patiently for the program to begin.

Saying her part.

Emma with all of her friends after the program.
My mom and her sister, Aunt JoAnn, were able to come.

Emma gave me several Mother's Day gifts after the program. One of them was a picture collage of different pictures they have taken of Emma throughout the school year.

This is Emma's teacher, Sherri Madsen. She is so sweet with Emma we just love her!

AJ's owie

I took this kid to the barber to get his hair shaved off.

This kid tripped and cracked his chin on the chair. OUCH!

It was not a fun time at the barber shop.

Track Meet

Julia participated in her 4th grade track meet last week. She tied with another girl in the 50 meter race. She won her heat in the 100 meter, but I didn't have my camera for either of those races. This picture is her running the semi-finals of the 50 meter race. I think she took 3rd in this one.

This one might be the 100 meter semi-finals. I think she sped past a few of these girls and came in 3rd in this one too. It is always fun to see her win her first races of the day! She is a good little runner!

Andrew was very excited about the Lollipop Race for all preschoolers. They start with 2 year olds, but AJ was not ready for that kind of competition. Then they do 3-4 year olds, and finally 5-6 year olds.

Andrew ran his little heart out! He was happy just to have the lollipop!

It was a perfect day for a track meet! Warm with a little breeze and sunny!

Lisa's Graduation

I had the opportuntiy to attend my older sister's Graduation from UVU a couple of weeks ago. She received her teaching degree and I am so proud of her for all the hard work she has had to put forth to accomplish this goal. School is not ever easy, but going to school while being a mom, having a calling, and even working part of it, is hard work.

Here she is with her husband and two of her children. Her oldest son is serving a mission in Germany and her second child couldn't be there because she could not miss anymore school.

Way to go Lisa, I am so proud of you!!!

I have no sound on my computer so I don't know what this video sounds like, but it is probably just me yelling! I meant well!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

My sister sent me a cupcake book and there were these darling ducks on the front cover that I wanted to make for Easter. Little did I know how much work it would take to make them. Three hours of decorating and mine weren't nearly as cute as theirs.

We took them to my mom's to celebrate her birthday and Easter, but I forgot my camera.

Thanks for the book Cind!

Easter Sunday

The girls looked darling in their matching dresses, but AJ did not want a picture taken.

Finally I settled for a cute picture with my 3 pleasant children.

And one picture with my tantrum-throwing child.