Monday, February 28, 2011

That kind of morning

It was THAT kind of morning.
1. Julia spills the coco puffs all over the floor.
2. Emma tries to pour her own coco puffs in her bowl and spills them again.
3. AJ pukes after eating his breakfast.
After cleaning up AJ, the puke in his booster on his chair, and under the table, and vacuuming the floor...
4. AJ helps himself to some nerds.

I decided he could clean them up himself. (Andrew helped a little also.)

He ate them off his chair.

He ate them off the floor.

He ate them standing up.

And he licked them off the table.

It was a LONG day!

Missing tooth #4

This girl has been losing teeth like crazy. I guess I'm just surprised she is losing them younger than Julia did. Tooth #3 fell out while she was playing on the Mall playground and she swallowed it so at least this time she would get to put the tooth under her pillow.

We have a little tooth box to keep the tooth until the tooth fairy takes it.

She was so proud to have pulled this one out all on her own. My sweet angel baby is growing up.

Snow Day

It was kind of fun waking up to over a foot of snow Friday morning after having some warmer weather for a while. We hurried out after breakfast to take advantage knowing the snow would probably be melted by afternoon.
I helped Andrew make part of the snow fort until AJ puked and I had to go clean him up. Then Brynn and Andrew worked really well together to finish the rest of the fort.

They were very proud of their accomplishment. Andrew was excited that the fort was taller than him!

Glow-in-the-Dark Paints

Julia got some cool glow-in-the-dark paints for her birthday. She had a lot of fun painting in the dark. I had fun too. We didn't think the paints would keep overnight without drying out so we painted all 5 pictures the same night.

This picture didn't turn out quite like I was hoping, but the pictures really did look cool when they were done.

Turns out the paints never dry out, even on the paintings. But they do stop glowing after only one night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Party

We did the same cake for the family party because I thought it was cute and it was pretty easy, as far as cake decorating goes.

Julia got lots of great gifts, like these piano socks.

She got an outfit, which she picked out herself, but there were a few things that were surprises.

She got a couple of new books, which she LOVES!!!

This earring and necklace holder was a surprise and will come in handy since she got lots of jewelry from family and friends.

She was very excited about the new outfit for her American Girl Doll.

Just what every artist needs, NEW PAINTS!!!

Who needs to make a wish when all of hers came true today!!!

Love you, Julia! You are the sweetest girl ever!

Goofy Girls

On the ride home from swimming Julia and friends were playing with the camera.
First they saw a man dressed like a banana.

Brooke and the noodle on her noodle.

Amanda and Lindsay

Paige and something up her nose.

Little miss Julia

Swimming in February?

Who is crazy enough to have a pool party in February in Utah?
Only this cute 10 year old!
I cannot believe our 1st baby is 10 already!

And these are the cute girls who helped her celebrate!

She even had the swimming pool birthday cake!

It's fun to sit by Emma. NOT!

In order to find a great indoor pool in Utah County you have to drive for a while.

These silly girls had fun with the toys from their gift bags on the 30 minute drive.

The gang again!

One of the girls gave Julia a beach ball for her birthday. They had lots of fun with that in the pool!

The big green slide made a couple of the girls nervous, but they all did it in the end and they even liked it, although Julia said she thinks it might be haunted.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"I pay attention" - Valentines 2011

That's what Eldon replied when I asked him how he knew I liked lillies. He pays attention. I am so lucky to have Eldon as my eternal Valentine! (Is that too cheesy to say?) He is the best husband a girl could want.

Funny side note...
When Emma met Eldon at the door and saw the beautiful flowers she said, "Ooh, cool tree!"

Julia with her valentine box she took to class. It wasn't overly creative, but it worked!! I must have been dejunking when the kids brought home their Valentines, because we removed all the treats and threw away all the cards and the box/bags. Now we just have treats and those will go soon too, one way or another!
These are the Valentines bags Emma and Andrew made at school.
AJ made this bouquet in Nursery. The little flowers are made of AJ's handprints. The card says December so I'm not sure if they did the handprints in December and made the flowers later or what. It's the poem about how their handprints are small right now, but they won't be for long. Something like that.
We had a great Valentines weekend and day! Eldon got free tickets to the BYU basketball game Saturday so that was our Valentines date. Monday night we had heart-shaped pizza like last year and then we had FHE! I dipped strawberries in chocolate for our treat! YUM!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Head "Phones"

The other day the wind was blowing terribly and causing loud whistling noises through our house. Emma was so nervous she wasn't able to eat her dinner. I found a set of headphones and as soon as I put them on her ears she calmed right down and starting eating her dinner.

Later she told me that her teacher might call her on her head "phones"! Maybe that is what made her calm down, she was waiting for a phone call!

"Heart Cakes"

Once you start manipulating pancakes you can almost never go back to the original, at least at our house. When I asked if the kids wanted pancakes for breakfast the other day one said, "Can you change the color."
Another one said, "I want chocolate chips in mine!"
Someone else said, "What about heart-shaped pancakes for Valentines?"

Whatever makes them happy, right!

They look pretty happy to me!


Our neighbor wasn't feeling well and asked if we could watch her boys for a while last Saturday night. This little man was the celebrity of the night! We love Porter's big eyes and cute smile! ALL the kids followed him around the house and begged to hold him!

Not too tight, Emma!

Andrew was especially excited about holding little Porter.
Julia was a big helper. She almost had me convinced that we need another baby at our house. ALMOST!

AJ was not so excited to have Porter visiting. He didn't want to hold him as you can see him backing away when we tried to put Porter on his lap. He also didn't want his mommy to be holding the baby. We had some jealousy going on.
Corbin was so cute and content to play Wedgitz. He was concentrating very hard to get his tower to stay up.

He kept saying, "And another one, and another one" as he added to his tower.
When he was finally finished he leaned over and looked at the tower and announced,"Oh, it's cute!"

We absolutely loved our playmates last Saturday and hope we get a chance to play with them again soon!!!