Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving. We had our feast at my brother, Jon's, house. Of course I was too lazy and also too excited about eating the yummy food to stand up and take a picture of our spread, but it was all delicious. After stuffing myself I felt like I wouldn't need to eat again for another week.
We had a ping pong tournament and it was fun even though I lost twice to my 14 year old neice. We also decorated gingerbread houses. The kids, both young and old, really enjoyed decorating their houses and eating the candy.

Emma decided the frosting was better than any of the candy. She wasn't shy about digging in either.

We had so many extra houses I even got to decorate one.

Look at that concentration!

Piano Recital

A couple of weeks ago Julia had her first piano recital. On the way to the recital she said she was nervous, but you couldn't really tell when she was in front of everyone. She did a great job! She started piano lessons in June and has really enjoyed lessons. She doesn't even complain much about practicing. She is such a good girl.

Friday, November 7, 2008


We went to Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Emma thought it was great! She kept wanting to go around and around. Plus she did a little happy gallop after every piece of candy she received. She was probably the happiest little trick-or-treater there ever was.

We couldn't get Andrew to dress up. Wearing his Monster shirt was as good as it got for him. We had borrowed both a horse costume and a cow costume, but when we tried them on he got nervous and asked if they were going to "neigh" and "moo". Maybe we'll try something besides an animal costume next year.

Julia and her cousin Max wanted to be bats together. Grandma Tuckett added wings and ears to a black sweatshirt and we had a cute little bat girl.

Emma didn't wasted much time digging in to the candy.

We met all the local Tuckett cousins at Grandma's house for some yummy soup and to take pictures. It was fun to see everyone's costumes!

The Grotto

Lisa and I took the kids on the Grotto hike one of the days they were out of school in October. We had intended to see all of the beautiful fall leaves, but we were a little late. Almost all the leaves had already fallen to the ground. There were even patches of ice on the trail.

One of the kids favorite parts of this hike is crossing all the log bridges. Andrew tried to do it himself, but this is about as far as he got before he asked to hold my hand.

Painting Pumpkins

A few days after we went to the Pumpin Patch we painted our pumpkins.
Julia is very creative. She ended giving her pumpkin blond hair with bows and everything.

Three brushes are better than one!

I think Emma may have gotten more paint on herself than on her pumpkin. The big brown splotch on her forhead isn't paint, but everything else is:)