Friday, February 11, 2011


Our neighbor wasn't feeling well and asked if we could watch her boys for a while last Saturday night. This little man was the celebrity of the night! We love Porter's big eyes and cute smile! ALL the kids followed him around the house and begged to hold him!

Not too tight, Emma!

Andrew was especially excited about holding little Porter.
Julia was a big helper. She almost had me convinced that we need another baby at our house. ALMOST!

AJ was not so excited to have Porter visiting. He didn't want to hold him as you can see him backing away when we tried to put Porter on his lap. He also didn't want his mommy to be holding the baby. We had some jealousy going on.
Corbin was so cute and content to play Wedgitz. He was concentrating very hard to get his tower to stay up.

He kept saying, "And another one, and another one" as he added to his tower.
When he was finally finished he leaned over and looked at the tower and announced,"Oh, it's cute!"

We absolutely loved our playmates last Saturday and hope we get a chance to play with them again soon!!!

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