Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Santa Stopped Here

Santa brought the kids 1 big gift and the stocking stuffers and then all the rest of the gifts were from mom and dad.
Here is AJ opening his Santa gift.

It was an igloo tent that everyone can fit in.
Andrew got a big set of Wedgits.

Emma got an Ariel Bath Castle. Julia finally got the American Girl Doll she has been asking for for 3 years. I think she was surprised.
The kids all really loved the books I made for them. This is my quick version of scrapbooking now since I don't have time to scrapbook. These are their memory books from the year 2009. I'm only a year behind:)

Andrew building with his Wedgits in the tent.
I guess we should have gotten AJ a baby doll. As soon as Julia opened it he grabbed the doll from her and hugged it to himself saying "baby".

We were very blessed this Christmas to have so much, but especially to have each other, good health, and our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Jean McKendrick said...

Those books are an awesome idea. Where do you get them done and for how much? I haven't scrap booked since before kids. I don't even have baby books for them. How bad is that!

Sara said...

Jean, I usually use snapfish. They can be anywhere from $20-30, but they are always having specials. They had a buy 1 get 2 free special when I did mine. Then I waited and got 50% off the 4th one with another special. It's pretty easy and you don't have to have tons of stuff to do it like scrapbooking. Just upload your pictures and you are ready to go.