Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Skating

Our stake was nice enough to plan an ice skating activity for Andrew's birthday. It was actually a regional activity, which means A LOT of people were invited. The line was horrendous when we got there, but it moved quickly and we actually got plenty of skating time in the 1 hour alotted for our region.

This was Andrew's 1st skating experience. It was pretty hard for him, but luckily Ashlee came with us and was very helpful with Andrew.

Julia skated once over the Thanksgiving holiday with her cousins so she was getting more comfortable on skates.

Emma had a hard time keeping her feet underneath her, as did mommy!

Ashlee, Erica, and Julia making their way around the rink.

We were lucky Grandma and Grandpa decided to come watch us because I don't know what we would have done with AJ otherwise. Eldon and I kept busy holding Andrew and Emma up the whole time. The Farris' also came. Bryan skated with Kaylee and Dallin was all over the place throwing snowballs at people. The rest of the Farris' watched us all make fools of ourselves. That's Renee behind the flash:)

Andrew might not choose to go skating for his birthday again, but it was a memorable experience for all of us!

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