Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to Work....

In the Yard, that is.
This is what Eldon did Saturday, April 16.
Two garden boxes, hooked to the sprinkler system.
He says this is part of my Mother's Day! I am okay with that!!

Spring Break Day #5


I am not even going to try to put these pictures in order. They are pretty self-explanatory anyway. We went to the Hogle Zoo on the last day of our Spring Break. We rode the train and the carousel and saw lots of cool animals!

We had an overall great time!

Not a bad way to end our Spring Break!

(ALL these pictures are taken with Eldon's cel phone because someone forgot to bring the camera)

Spring Break Day #4

On Thursday I took all four kids to Shopko, Macey's, and the Library all before 12:00. We went home in time to eat lunch and get packed up for our one-night get-away up to WOLF CREEK in Ogden Canyon. Needless to say, by the time we were all in the car with all our stuff I was wiped out!
That is my excuse for forgetting the camera and having no photos for Thursday and very few of the Zoo Day Friday:)

Spring Break Day #3

A walk in the park

My kids love feeding the ducks at Salem Pond, and I have to admit, I love it too! I spent every summer day of my childhood playing at or in the pond. So being there brings back great memories for me.

Julia was having her own fun with cousins. After spending the night with Max and Tessa she went to the movie HOP with them also.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break Day #2

Maybe not the funnest day for the kids, but I had a great time! Julia baked some bread and cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls were gone before I could get a picture.

I went to lunch with these cute girls. Sandi and Amy are a couple of my best friends from high school. We had a great time chatting and eating yummy chinese food. (We probably should have had the waitor take our picture instead of trying to do it ourselves.)

We did a little shopping, well, Sandi did a LOT of shopping. I bought some new sheets. I also picked up my $100 Visa Gift card that I won from the radio station a few weeks ago. It was a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Day #1


So day #1 of Spring Break was spent at the Living Planet Aquarium.

It was an Anenome-seeing

Manta Ray-touching Eel-spotting Penguin-watching





kind of day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools

I know this looks absolutely disgusting, and Andrew's face even looks like he is ready to puke, but everyone actually liked it. I was so proud of myself because I used all our left-overs and made up my own recipes, kind of.

I wish I would have gotten AJ's initial reaction when he took his first bite. My other kids knew this was colored mash potatoes over the top of meatloaf, but AJ had no clue. He was expecting something sweet. He was surprised and made a funny face, but decided that it was still edible even though it wasn't dessert.

I made dirt again for dessert, but nobody liked it. Who doesn't like chocolate pudding with crushed oreos on top????? I think it was the gummy worms inside the pudding that they didn't love. Oh well, just more for mom to eat!

When you know they're sick

They go in to their bed and fall asleep at 6:00 fully dressed with their shoes still on.

We had a bit of sickness at our house last week. AJ got a fever Sunday and had it for 2 days. Then Emma woke up with it Tuesday morning and Andrew's preschool teacher(Aunt Kelly) called me to come get him from school Tuesday because he had a fever. I took them all to the doctor and they all had red swollen throats but nobody had complained about their throat hurting and they still had their normal appetites. It was the weirest sickness. But it wasn't strep. Nope it was viral. I love paying $75 in copays to hear, "We can't do anything for them."
Luckily it was a short illness and everyone was better by Friday and I didn't have to clean up any puke!