Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Motocross Mountain Climbing..

.. is the cake Andrew chose because it looks cool and it looks boyish. And he was pretty excited about playing with the motorcycle and rider after the cake was gone.

We had to take some pictures of it quickly because it was starting to fall.

The leaning cake of birthday!

We had the Tuckett's over for Sunday dinner and then Andrew got to open his gifts from them. He got a car from the Christensen's that follows tracks made by any black marker so you can make your own tracks for it. Fun!

Andrew got a tool set from the Tuckett's. He has never had a tool set before so he was pretty excited!

Besides church pants from G&G Tuckett he got a bow and arrow. He got the exact bow and arrow for Christmas last year, but it broke within 10 minutes. Let's hope this one lasts longer.

Again Andrew did the silliest thing while blowing out the candles. I don't know if he wanted the moment to last longer, or if he thinks you are supposed to only blow out 1 candle at a time, but I took a million pictures just trying to catch him blowing.

We love this boy and are so happy he is part of our family!


Greg and Heather said...

awesome cake! my boys would love that! i'm a boring mom and make a normal cake or not even a cake at all. :(

Mike and Lisa said...

Cute Cake! I cannot believe Andrew is 5. Time is going by so quick. I love your road trip pictures, how fun!

janna said...

Noah made that cake for the Blue and Gold dinner. Well, actually Noah's controling mom made the cake with Noah! You did a great job and it is a very cool cake!

Jean McKendrick said...

Cool cake!! I love the Christmas bag that one of his birthday gifts came out of too. Way to recycle. :)