Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is what this pregnancy has been for us, a total surprise. We knew we wanted at least one more baby, but we were planning on waiting another year. I guess Heavenly Father had other plans for our family. This is a picture of the ultrasound I had at 7 weeks. I also had one at five weeks. I'm now almost 14 weeks!! My due date is April 27th, but the doctor and I have already talked about doing the c-section on April 22nd. That means we will have a January 22 birthday-Andrew, a February 22 birthday-Julia, a March 25 birthday-Emma, and an April 22 birthday! Poor Emma will be the only oddball of our kids not to have her birthday on the 22nd, but I don't think she'll mind:)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

For the first day of fall break we went out to the Red Barn in Santaquin to ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkins. This has become an annual event for us. Lisa and her kids were with us and Grandma and Grandpa Tuckett came too!

Emma had a great time and tried to pick up every pumpkin she saw.
You can really see Emma's owie now, one day later.

Julia loves all things small.

Andrew was super grouchy at the Pumpkin Patch. He didn't sleep well the night before and woke up with a pretty bad cold. At the Pumpkin Patch he was scared of the wagon, because he was afraid it was going to run him over. He wanted to be held the whole time. And then when he did walk he fell down and got hurt. This experience was rough for Andrew.

Wagon rides from Grandpa and ice cream, what could be better!

Emma's "Owie"

You can't see this huge goose egg on Emma's head very well in these pictures. I let her play out front with Julia, and I guess Julia and her friends were taking turns giving Emma piggy back rides. Emma decided she wanted down, but Julia's friend didn't know what she was doing and before she knew it Emma went over her head onto the cement. Poor thing. Luckily she didn't have a concussion.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chocolate Milk

Emma decided she wanted to have some chocolate milk for her bedtime snack.
While I took Andrew to the bathroom she got the chocolate milk out of the pantry, put it on the counter, got her sippy cup out of the fridge, pushed a stool over to the counter and climbed up. She had just taken the lid off the chocolate milk when I walked into the kitchen.

When I said "NO" she dug her hand in the chocolate milk as fast as she could and started shoving the powder in her mouth by the handfuls.

When I put the chocolate milk away, as you can see, she proceeded to lick the powder off the counter.

She wasn't as messy as I thought she'd be after licking up the powder. She was quite proud of herself and said cheese for me when I took this picture.

Sleepy time

Sometimes Andrew's naps last until dinner time. Eldon went in to wake him up for dinner and just had to take a picture of his sleeping position with his little bum in the air. There is something so sweet about a sleeping child.

Julia playing soccer

This was Julia's last soccer game of the season. She loves soccer and had a fun time playing even though they lost almost every game.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Day of School

I know it's about time I posted something. I did finally get a new camera, but these first day of school pictures were taken with a disposable camera. That is why they are all blurry. You get what you pay for, I guess.

Julia's first day of Second Grade. She was very excited to start school again. She was glad to have Mr. Wright as her teacher and to have some of her friends in her class.

Andrew just had to get a hug in before Julia left for school.

Emma started school a couple of days after Labor Day. She is starting her second full year of pre-school at Riverview Elementary. She now goes 4 days a week and rides the bus everyday, which she loves!

Andrew gets to help me send Emma off to school too. Sometimes I think he wishes he went to school with the big kids, but most of the time I think he's happy staying home with mommy.

Sorry about the dark pictures. That was not a camera problem as much as it was a photographer problem. I could use a picture taking for dummies handbook.