Monday, January 3, 2011

Cracker Dinner

I never get a picture of the actual dinner, because I'm too worried about eating it! But it's a Hult Family tradition to have crackers and summer sausages and chips and dips and salads for our Christmas Eve dinner. My kids love it! They always ask me why I don't buy sausage like that all the time. Then it wouldn't be special on Christmas, right!
Before we opened gifts we had the kids do an impromtu version of the Nativity. Bryan read the story while they acted it out.
Ashlee is the angel proclaiming good tidings to the shepherds.

Julia is Mary holding the baby bear Jesus. While Dallin brings gifts as one of the Wisemen.

Then we moved on to the opening of gifts.

AJ got a sesame street bouncy ball.
Andrew got a Panda Pillow Pet and threw a tantrum a few minutes later when Julia opened hers and she got the penguin. Oh, the joys of Christmas:0
AJ giving his bumblebee pillow pet a kiss!
Emma always shows me her gifts by putting them right in front of her face. I have several pictures of Emma's gifts and a portion of her head.
Julia was very pleased with her penguin and refused to trade Andrew. Now that's what Christmas is all about, right:(
The kids entertained themselves with Ring around the Rosey.
and Duck, Duck, Goose.
Then we had dessert. We always have at least 4 desserts!
I think Emma is going through some sugar shock right here. Notice the two cookies on her plate and her eyes looking a little cross-eyed! Yes, that is definitely what Christmas is all about!


Jeanna said...

too cute. fun christmas traditions.

Jean McKendrick said...

We have an insane amount of treats on Christmas eve and Christmas day. All rules are out the window as far as eating is concerned! Our tradition is papa murphy's pizza on christmas eve.