Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things...

Sara bought herself these sweat pants from Walmart for her birthday! They are the most comfortable pants ever and she wishes she had 10 pairs and could wear them everyday!!! They make her happy!

This should actually be on next weeks update since it just happened today, but oh well. Julia and mom got to go on a tour of the bell tower at BYU with Julia's piano teacher and fellow students. The tour guide played a piece for them on the Carrolon (sp?), the piano type thing that rings the bells:) It was actually pretty cool to be there, but Julia may look bored in this picture because it was so stinkin hot way up there, especially after climbing 100 stairs.

After the tour they had an awards ceremony and Julia took home the Gold Medal again for the third time this year. What can I say, she practices, and I don't even have to ask her twice! Besides the medal, Julia also received a bag of chocolate for helping her team take first place! Chocolate is one of Julia's favorite things.

AJ has been attatched to this blue puppy stuffed animal that is laying on the floor next to him for quite some time, but he has recently become infatuated with the blankies he sleeps with, carrying them around the house all the time. They make him happy, as you can see!

Emma loves Grandpa! This is how she says thank you to Grandpa for coming to her soccer game! He is one of Emma's favorite things!
This is the cute video of my kids dancing that I have tried unsuccessfully to load about 30 times:( Not one of my favorite things. You'll just have to believe me when I say, they are great dancers!

Eldon is really discouraged with BYU right now. He wishes the offensive coordinator (I can't remember his name) would get fired. His assessment of Saturdays game was "typical" as he put it. On a happier note, basketball starts soon!

Eldon also got to go on to a daddy daughter dinner with Julia Friday night. Mom was one of the leaders in charge of the activity so she was there too. They had a great time, but mom was too busy to take pictures. Hopefully we'll at least get a copy of one sometime in the near future.

We had a fun, safe, and healthy week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

soccer, toes, lunch, fieldtrips, etc.

As far as soccer goes, Julia's team had another rough week. They lost both games no thanks to miss Erica scoring a goal for her team. Julia tried to stop her by tripping her(it wasn't really on purpose), but she was unstoppable! I hope she enjoyed her snowcone!

Julia went on a field trip to the symphony. Her favorite part was when they played the Harry Potter theme song. She is becoming a fanatic. Her nose is constantly in a Harry Potter book. She just finished book 6, only 1 more to go.

Julia and mommy also got their toenails painted this week! Julia got softballs and a #5 on her big toe. Her one big toenail is chipped thanks to a kickball accident a couple of weeks ago.

Sara got swirlies with little green flowers. So fun!

It was a toenail party!

Sara had a great post-birthday week! Lunch with a couple of great high school friends Monday. She had a friend over for lunch Thursday. Lunch with her sister Friday and, as pictured, lunch with mission friends Saturday! Spoiled, again!

Emma also went on a field trip for school this week. They went to the BYU duckpond and then to Jason's Deli to eat lunch. Here is a link to watch a video her teacher put together if you're interested. It takes a minute to load.

Andrew came home from preschool Wednesday and told me he learned a new song at school that day. When I asked what the song is about he told me it's about MONEY!!! Then proceeded to sing:
5 senses, 5 senses
we have them, we have them
seeing, hearing, touching
tasting, smelling
there are 5, there are 5.

About MONEY, how cute is that!

No pictures of AJ and Eldon this week. BYU lost again:(
AJ is learning new words everyday. He learned to say Andrew and Emma's names this week. And he has consistently called Sara momma all week instead of daddy! Yeah!!

Someday I'll get a video on here so you can see how his dancing has improved!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miracles never cease

Emma had a permanent tooth grow in behind the baby tooth which meant the baby tooth was not loose at all. Sorry if the pictures are a little gross.

When I called the dentist office I figured they would agree with me when I suggested she be sedated, afterall they were there at our last cleaning. They witnessed the screaming and running and mommy pinning Emma to her lap and holding her head still just so the dentist could look inside her mouth. Instead they said, we'll try taking the tooth out without using anything. If we have to we'll give her something that relaxes her. I thought, you've got to be kidding. They are crazy if they think Emma's just going to sit there and let them pull her tooth out, but that's just what she did. She was nervous and her heart was beating like you wouldn't believe, but she layed back, watched a tv show, and let them pull her tooth out just like that!!! I was almost in tears I was so proud of her!

The hole!

The tooth!

The trinkets! They gave her 2 tokens to spend, and a free ice cream certificate for being so good! That is our miracle for the week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Update

We have family far away that has asked us to write a letter each week with everything new going on in our family for the week to better keep in touch. I've decided to kill two birds with one stone and use my blog as my update! So from here on out I will try to update my blog each week. Wish me luck!

Eldon had a rough week, even though it was short thanks to Labor Day. He came home from work Tuesday saying he felt like he was getting sick. He stayed home Wednesday with some sort of stomach flu. He worked Thursday even though he still didn't feel good and Friday only complained of a sore throat. Saturday did not help him feel much better since BYU lost their football game. He started feeling sick again, but for different reasons.

Sara turned 36 on Sunday and the happiest part of the week and day was knowing she didn't have to do sharing time!!!! We had regional conference on Sunday! I know you're all thinking, "Wow! Sara is that old, she doesn't look a day older than 29!" Ha Ha!!!

Sunday night we ate dinner at G&G Tuckett's house and Sara didn't have to help with any part of the meal! Spoiled! Here she is just before blowing out the candles on her chocolate eclair dessert!

She had a great birthday and feels blessed to have so many wonderful people to share in her celebration!

Not much exciting happened in Julia's life last week. They got their first loss of the soccer season and then played a practice game against a boys team their age and lost that too. This week will be better, especially since she gets to play Erica's team! Always fun to play against the cousins! Next week I'll try to get a photo of Julia's soccer team doing pushups after their game and the story behind it.

Emma started adaptive soccer on Saturday. This is a league for kids with special needs and they each have a buddy assigned to help them. The kids pretty much just took turns kicking the ball into the goal. Emma kept track of how many goals she scored. She would raise both arms up, clap and say 1 point after each goal!

Andrew started preschool at Wise and Wonderful on Tuesday. He let me take a picture of him at home and at the preschool door, but he wouldn't let me take a picture of him with his teacher, Aunt Kelly. I guess he doesn't talk to her much:) Andrew is one of 11 boys in his class and only 4 girls, but we think it's pretty funny that his best friend in class so far is not one of the other boys. Her name is Alyssa!

AJ found a new friend at my parents house yesterday. "My Little Buddy" was Jeremy's baby when he was young and now the grandkids love to play with him, even though he's not LITTLE like his name suggests! It was funny to see AJ try and drag him around even though the doll is almost as big as him!