Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A "Zoo"-tiful Day

The kids had Friday off school so Jeanna and I were planning to take them to the zoo. Then Eldon surprised me and took the day so he could come with us! We had such a fun day!

Watching the baby elephant was definitely the highlight of the day!

Here she is playing with her ball.

They also had a baby giraffe.

Choo choo! We hopped on the train right when we got there because there was no line.

Riding the carousel at the zoo was a first for all of us!
Emma riding the "lollilla".

Andrew was a little nervous at first, but he ended up liking it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Andrew and Emma thought it was so cool to play in the rain with the umbrella. I think this is the first time my kids have ever played outside in a rain storm. Playing in the rain is one of my favorite childhood memories. This will be something they will definitely want to do again. I just need two umbrellas next time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is 35 middle-aged?

When I was younger I always thought people that were 35 were middle-aged. Now that I'm there I don't feel that way. I'm a young 35:)
I had such a great birthday! I spent 21/2 hours at the gym first thing in the morning. I had to work off all the meals I would eat this day! Then I went to Julia's soccer practice since I help coach her team. After I got ready for the day my mom picked Lisa and I up and took us to lunch (poppy seed salad at Pizza Factory - YUMMY) and shopping! My mom bought me a cute new outfit! I was home for only a few minutes when Eldon and I left to do a little shopping and go to dinner(Fajitas at Los Hermanos - YUMMY again). Eldon spoiled me with a gift certificate to a spa to get the pedicure I've been wanting for a while. My mother-in-law tied a quilt for me. I got a gift certificate to Rod Works from my sister and these lovely flowers from my sister in law.

It was a great day! I am a very blessed 35 year old woman. After this year I'll just be 30 SOMETHING, just so you all know:)

The "Y"

Every time we drive north of Provo Andrew sees the "Y" on the mountain tells everyone in the car about the "Y" like it's the first time any of us has ever seen it. It is so cute! When we hiked the "Y" earlier this summer I didn't take Andrew because I didn't think he could do it. I decided we would try it by ourselves and see how far we could make it. Andrew was such a good little hiker. A few times he asked to turn around, but then he would get distracted and we would keep going. We made it to the bottom of the "Y". I was so proud of Andrew for making it all the way. We sat down on the "Y" and turned around to look at how huge it is and then started back down. As we left Andrew said, "Mom, what about the little "Y". He didn't realize that the little "Y" he sees on the mountain is actually huge. Poor kid was a little confused.
I left my camera in the car (boohoo) so this is a view of Provo from our car after the hike.

The view of the "Y" from our car.

Swim Party

On Labor Day we celebrated Grandma Hult's birthday with a swim party at the Farris'. Everyone had a great time!
Andrew and Kaylee




Even Grandma swam! Happy Birthday Grandma!

Baby Makay

Julia is holding our miracle nephew/cousin Baby Makay. Makay is now 1 month old, hooray! His mommy had several complications with her pregnancy and ended up having to be hospitalized for a whole month before he was finally born. He was born at 7 lbs 7 oz four weeks early. Just think if he would have been full-term:)

We are so thankful Makay arrived strong and healthy and Renee is covering, albeit slowly, from her c-section. Our family has been blessed with a miracle!