Monday, October 25, 2010

Ho Hum

Last week was about as boring a week as you get.
AJ resorted to playing with pots and pans and strainers or whatever you call these things. Actually, even if it weren't a boring week AJ would still get out the pots and pans. He gets one in each hand and rubs them back and forth on the tile to make the loudest, most annoying noise ever! Mom just loves it!

Andrew didn't do anything exciting. He was pretty happy that Emma stayed home sick from school both Thursday and Friday. They played so well together both days, it was just like old times before Emma started 1st grade.

Emma just had a head cold but I had a hard time getting her going in the morning because I could tell she felt like her head weighed 50 lbs, so I let her stay home. She was feeling a lot better today and was sooooooo excited to go back to school!

Julia probably had the best week of all of us. She went with a friend to the high school football game Thursday night. She walked home with the same friend from school Friday and stayed until late. Then she played with the same friend for a couple of hours on Saturday also. Julia LOVES to PLAY!

I went to Jeremy's group therapy session at rehab Tuesday night. We had to sit in the circle and hold hands and share all our deepest feelings with each other. I found out my baby brother actually likes me. That was nice to know:) Wednesday I went to dinner with some friends. We had soup and salad and sandwiches at Zupas. YUMMY! Then we went to the mall and tried not to spend any money! Thursday night I went to Relief Society and made a temple picture for my family room! I am so excited to get it hung up!!!! I might have to wait until Grandpa Hult gets home so he can help me:) I guess my week wasn't so boring afterall. FUN TIMES!!!

Eldon went to the church Tuesday night. Our new bishop is keeping him busy, but it's a good thing. Who knew Ryan Dart could be such a slave driver. Ha ha!
Eldon wouldn't have missed the BYU Football game for anything. Rain or shine! This time it was rain, but BYU pulled through! Yeah....finally!

Sunday was our Primary Program. The kids did great and the whole program was beautiful!

Sick season has officially started at our house. Andrew started puking a few hours ago. Sickness really stinks!!!! There is nothing more to say about that. We're just hoping nobody else gets it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

AJ's 1st Haircut

AJ has reached two milestones this week. Last week when he woke up from his nap Julia went in to get him and he was out of his crib. He either climbed out or fell. Luckily we realized we can lower the mattress one more level before we have to move him to a big kid bed!

AJ also received his first official haircut today. He was being so good when I first put him in the chair. I took a picture and stood there watching, amazed that he wasn't throwing a tantrum.

He started freaking out when she used the clippers to trim his neck and around his ears. Maybe it hurt, I'm not sure, but overall he did pretty good!

My handsome boys!

Pumpkin Patches

We went to the United Angels Foundation Halloween Party at Hee Haws last Monday night. The kids had a blast! Emma's favorite thing was the super fast slide, even though she also had fun on the pony swing, and the barrel train.

AJ was not so sure he wanted to ride the train.

Andrew's bat mobile!

The petting zoo.

This was a cool contrapation they built for the goats to climb.

We ended the night with a bumpy hayride followed by cookies and hot chocolate, of course! The UAF always does wonderful activities. We're thankful to be members of such a great support group for our angels.

On the 14th day of Halloween my mommy made for me, 14 pumpkin pancakes....

The only fun activity we did for Fall Break was to take the kids to the Red Barn to pick a pumpkin.

It was fun to have Grandpa, Grandma, Megan, Ashlee, and Erica join us! It was a nice, SUNNY, evening:)

They have added a few things to their patch to make it more fun.

This replica of the red barn is a great place to take pictures. Behind that is a maze the kids had a blast running through.

AJ thought the pumpkins were balls and kept throwing them whenever someone handed him one.

AJ and Julia

Erica and Megan

Ashlee and Erica

Climbing on the tractor was a highlight for Andrew and Emma.

These two look like they could be siblings.

Emma was proud of her pumpkin!

The Red Barn is famous for it's delicious ice cream, but I didn't get any pictures of us eating ice cream because I was too busy enjoying mine and Emma's and AJ's. YUM!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random good stuff

Presenting Chef AJ.
As you can see from this picture, AJ is a pretty good sport about being dressed up, dragged around, and coddled by his older siblings. I think AJ's favorite part of the week was sitting at the table with a bowl of candy in front of him. (See next post.)

A highlight of Julia's week was being a lunchworker at school. Mom loved it too, because it meant free lunch all week and she didn't have to make a home lunch:)
I made her pose for a picture with her lunchworker cap on. Crazy moms!

Andrew's favorite part of the week was probably going to the Jazz vs. Blazers preseason basketball game with dad Thursday night. Although this pair of sunglasses without lenses he got as a reward from the library reading program were pretty great too. Here he is again with his bat costume on. I think he wore it almost everyday this week again.

Emma had her last soccer game of the season on Saturday. They got a team picture and a medal at the awards ceremony. Then we all got pizza!

I think Emma was all soccered out at this point. Here she is with her VIP Buddy for the day rolling the ball back and forth.

Emma lost another tooth Sunday. We actually have no idea how, where, or when this happened. At Sunday dinner Eldon noticed Emma's gums were bleeding and when I looked in her mouth I realized her tooth was gone. Guess we'll have to put a note for the tooth fairy on the toilet for this tooth since we're pretty sure it got swallowed!

Eldon's highlight of the week was probably witnessing a Cougar WIN!!! Even though watching the Blazers play in person was pretty great too!

Sara's favorite part of the week is the fact that all her kids are healthy still. We are holding our breath just waiting for the sick season to start, hoping it can just pass us by this year. Hooray for healthy kids!!!!

Haunted Graham Houses

I got this idea from my super creative SIL. We have always done Ginger Bread houses at Christmas time, I don't know why we never thought of doing haunted houses at Halloween. It was a super fun project, especially for those of us who like candy:)

That's not a mole on Julia's chin, it's a blob of chocolate!

Emma's house fell down a few times, but that didn't stop her from adding more candy. Is this a face only a mother could love, or what!

So proud!

AJ was pleased with his bowl of candy!

This was Andrew's creation that he didn't really help with at all. Mommy and Julia did most of it.

Andrew didn't want to make a Haunted House, but he did want his picture taken in his bat costume....again.

Soooo cute, and soooo creative!

This was AJ's mad face when I took the candy bowl away from him.

A close-up of Emma's house.