Thursday, August 27, 2009

AJ is 4 months old

AJ turned 4 months last Saturday, August 22. I took him to his well child doctor visit yesterday. He now weighs 13 lbs. 11 oz. and is 241/4 inches long. He is still pretty small and his bald head makes him look even smaller.

He loves to look at and play with his hands.
He started sucking his thumb a couple weeks ago and we are elated!

Sometimes I will leave AJ playing with his toys and come back to find him sleeping. Sleeping babies are my favorite!

We love AJ's happy squeals and sweet smiles. We are so happy he is part of our family.

Emma's first day of Kindergarten

Emma started a transitional Kindergarten at our local school, Brockbank Elementary. She was very excited to go back to school and asked everyday for a week when she was going to start since Julia started a week before her.

Nobody misses Emma more than Andrew when she is gone. They are best friends and play so well together (most of the time). She had been gone only a few minutes when Andrew came in from the other room and asked where Emma was and when she would be home.

Even though Emma is now attending our neighborhood school and she could easily walk with Julia, we have decided the bus is a better method of transport for her.

Emma loves the bus. She wouldn't even turn around long enough for me to take her picture.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

I can't believe Julia is in 3rd grade already. She is growing up so fast. She has been especially helpful since AJ was born. I really don't know what I would do without her. I was tired of summer and was ready to send the kids back to school, but when it came right down to it, I realized how much I need Julia around to help.
Andrew and Emma miss Julia too. They love her so much and she is a great sister to them.

Andrew wouldn't quit playing the computer to give Julia a hug, but he whined as soon as she walked out the door, "I didn't get a hug."

Grandma Tuckett took Julia school shopping and she picked out this shirt because it's her favorite color. She made the flower at Activity Days to match!

I told her to wave to me as she walked away, but it looks like she said, "huh?"

The Grotto Hike

We went to the Grotto again, but this time with the Sintay Family. It was the perfect day for a hike, even though it sprinkled on us on the way down. Luckily it's a short hike. The kids had a great time! Julia even went under the waterfall but my camera went dead so I didn't get a picture.

Emma and daddy balancing:)

The Hult kids and Sintay kids minus the two babies.


I got together with some friends from my Ricks College days. Stefie, Mandolin and I cheered together on the Spirit Team at Ricks a long time ago. It was so great to see them again and catch up on all that has happened in their lives and reminisce a little bit.

Temple Square

We also did our own walking tour of Temple Square. The kids loved the reflecting pool even though they probably should not have been playing in it:)

There is a fun, kid-friendly, display upstairs in the Church History Museum that the kids couldn't get enough of. The parents were all ready to move on, but the kids could have stayed for hours.

Andrew at the Church History Museum.

Ella holding AJ

Tuckett Cousins in front of the Christus Statue in the Visitors Center on Temple Square.

Spanish Fork Reservoir

The kids love this place during the summer. This was our second of three trips to the reservoir this summer. Grandma bought a bunch of floaties for the kids to enjoy.

The little ones love to play in the sand.

Andrew and Ella

Cindy holding AJ.

Luckily Jeanna bought some nice shade umbrellas this year, otherwise there is no shade and the heat makes staying too long unbearable.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

When we got back from Oregon my sister, Cindy, and two of her girls were visiting from North Carolina. One of the things we had planned to do while they were in Utah was attend the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

Tuckett Cousins minus 6.

I debated on whether or not to take my little kids since Eldon couldn't get any more time off work. Emma wanted to be carried the whole time and only by Lisa so Lisa suffered through the entire tour carrying Emma with a hurt back. Cindy carried the baby and, I don't know how it worked out, but I walked through empty-handed. I'm lucky to have such great family support!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Pictures

Of course we had to do family pictures. I don't have one of the whole family yet.

The cousin picture was a bit crazy and difficult with so many little kids. It's hard to get a good picture of 15 kids ages 13 and under. This was even with 3 kids missing.

Other fun vacation stuff

One day we walked out to some tide pools and saw more star fish than we could count. Here Emma is reaching down to touch one. It was pretty cool to see so many star fish, but boy was it a long walk with little kids.

We went on a hike to see what is bragged to be the oldest tree in Oregon, or was it the tallest, or the biggest around, something special like that:)

At a playground we visited the kids thought this throne chair carved out of an old stump was pretty cool. Emma was especially excited about her turn alone on the queen chair!

We got to go to the top of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Some of us did anyway. Andrew and Emma weren't tall enough so Kari and Eric stayed with our little ones while Eldon and I climbed it.

One of the days it rained we went to an underwater museum in Depot Bay. The kids got to touch sea anenome and star fish. We also saw some pretty cool fish through the display windows and a diving show.

The beach

Lincoln City, Oregon was the location of our Hult Family Reunion 2009. We rented a beach house with private beach access and had a fabulous time! It rained a couple of the days and was chilly some of the time, but we also got some good beach time with perfect weather! I just wish we lived closer to the beach.

Happy Birthday to Eldon!

On our way from The Dalles to the coast we stopped at The Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trailblazers. It was Eldon's 32nd birthday and his gift was to go in their fan store and buy whatever his little heart desired. He got a couple of t-shirts and he bought Andrew a jersey and a basketball so Andrew can start watching the games with daddy in style!

This was Eldon's first trip ever to the Rose Garden and he was seriously like a kid in a candy store.

We were pretty bummed that the lady who normally gives tours of the stadium was out of the office for the day. We hadn't planned on a tour, but once we knew it was a possibility it was a little dissappointing to miss out on it.

The kids had no clue what the whole point of the stop was, but they were good sports, especially since it was 30 degrees cooler than we were prepared for.

Happy Birthday, Eldon! Maybe someday you can actually attend a game in the Rose Garden.

Horsethief Lake

Okay, so I'm only 2 months behind on my blog. What can I say, it's been a busy summer. Horsethief Lake was the first part of our Oregon vacation. We spent the first few days in The Dalles and this lake is just on the other side of the river. The kids had a great time rafting, canoeing, tubing, catching guppies, and just hanging out with their cousins.