Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emma's last day of Preschool

I guess technically she will still have 3 weeks of summer school, but today was Emma's last day of the regular school year. Her teacher decided not to do a program or a preschool graduation of any kind. I'm not sure why, but it might have something to do with the fact that she just had a baby in March. Instead she rented a big bounce house and the kids just jumped and played today. We went in to take teacher gifts at the end of class and to take pictures with all of Emma's teachers. This first picture is of Emma's bus driver and the bus aide. Emma absolutely loves to ride the bus and these ladies help make her bus experience great!

Jana is one of the teacher's aides in Emma's class. She was in one of our past wards so we already knew her and knew we liked her!

Kathy is another teacher's aide.

Misty has been Emma's teacher for two years now. She will be staying home with her baby now so Emma won't see her during summer school and next year Emma is going to Transitional Kindergarten at our neighborhood school. Yeah!

Our Cute Kids!

Four seems like a lot!

Emma looks like she's giving AJ a blessing.

I was trying to get a picture of each child by themselves with AJ, but Emma refused to be left out of Julia's picture.

Something was funny!

My sweet boys! I love this picture because AJ almost looks like he's smiling.

Mother's Day

I didn't actually get any pictures of me with my children on Mother's Day because I ended up having one of those post-pardom "I hate the way I look" type days. Anyone that has any extra weight to lose after having a baby will know exactly what I mean, which is ALMOST every mother alive! But I did get a picture of Andrew and Emma a few days after Mother's Day playing on my Mother's Day gift. I have been begging for a swing set for quite a while now. Eldon always had some reason we couldn't get one. I finally wore him down enough that he caved. What a good husband! And look at those happy faces. He'll never regret this purchase, except maybe every time he has to move it to mow the lawn!

Andrew's New Skill

Andrew just learned to ride a bike with training wheels. He doesn't even seem to mind that it's a girls bike. At least it's blue, and the parts that are pink are so faded you can hardly tell it's pink:)