Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrible 2's

This is just the beginning of the terrible 2 stage for AJ and I have a feeling we haven't even touched the surface of what it might become.

He is not really naughty, just a little curious.
I like the using of the storage box as a stool. Whatever works!

He climbs up to play the piano all the time.

He LOVES this gorilla, which is not really a stuffed animal but a computer dusting animal we got for Christmas.
I find AJ on top of the table a lot. Once he climbed on top of the computer desk but I was too nervous to leave him there to get the camera and take a picture.
This was his newest stunt which I'm sure he learned from his siblings. I heard his little whimpers from the other room and ran to find him like this. Then I left him there to go get the camera. He probably wondered if I was ever going to save him. I love that petrified look on his face!
Okay, I know these terrible 2's could be worse, and probably will be, since right now they are just pretty cute! I am loving this little boy and every stage he goes through since I know this is our last baby!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Motocross Mountain Climbing..

.. is the cake Andrew chose because it looks cool and it looks boyish. And he was pretty excited about playing with the motorcycle and rider after the cake was gone.

We had to take some pictures of it quickly because it was starting to fall.

The leaning cake of birthday!

We had the Tuckett's over for Sunday dinner and then Andrew got to open his gifts from them. He got a car from the Christensen's that follows tracks made by any black marker so you can make your own tracks for it. Fun!

Andrew got a tool set from the Tuckett's. He has never had a tool set before so he was pretty excited!

Besides church pants from G&G Tuckett he got a bow and arrow. He got the exact bow and arrow for Christmas last year, but it broke within 10 minutes. Let's hope this one lasts longer.

Again Andrew did the silliest thing while blowing out the candles. I don't know if he wanted the moment to last longer, or if he thinks you are supposed to only blow out 1 candle at a time, but I took a million pictures just trying to catch him blowing.

We love this boy and are so happy he is part of our family!

Ice Skating

Our stake was nice enough to plan an ice skating activity for Andrew's birthday. It was actually a regional activity, which means A LOT of people were invited. The line was horrendous when we got there, but it moved quickly and we actually got plenty of skating time in the 1 hour alotted for our region.

This was Andrew's 1st skating experience. It was pretty hard for him, but luckily Ashlee came with us and was very helpful with Andrew.

Julia skated once over the Thanksgiving holiday with her cousins so she was getting more comfortable on skates.

Emma had a hard time keeping her feet underneath her, as did mommy!

Ashlee, Erica, and Julia making their way around the rink.

We were lucky Grandma and Grandpa decided to come watch us because I don't know what we would have done with AJ otherwise. Eldon and I kept busy holding Andrew and Emma up the whole time. The Farris' also came. Bryan skated with Kaylee and Dallin was all over the place throwing snowballs at people. The rest of the Farris' watched us all make fools of ourselves. That's Renee behind the flash:)

Andrew might not choose to go skating for his birthday again, but it was a memorable experience for all of us!

A 5 Year Old BOY!!!

I'm having a hard time believing that this kid is 5 already. It seems like just yesterday he was born.
We had Grandma and Grandpa Hult over for pizza and brownies Saturday afternoon. Then Andrew got to open some of his gifts. He got a belt to hold his church pants up!

He got a pair of How to Train your Dragon Jammies.

Another set of Wedgitz. I keep wondering when we'll have enough wedgitz.

Andrew got some card games from Grandma and Grandpa and a pair of basketball shorts.

Andrew put the candles in his brownies himself.

When it was time to blow out the candles, for some reason he wanted to prolong this activity, so he tried to only blow out one at a time. Here he is barely blowing from 10 ft away!

I love this handsome, smart, active, mischievious boy more than words can say!
Happy Birthday, my little man!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Road Trip

My brother is moving to Florida to start school and needed another driver to go with him so I volunteered, after making arrangements for my kids. My goal was to take a picture at each state line, but Colorado snuck up on us and I didn't want to turn around. New Mexico was in the dark, but I finally got Texas, and that was a big one since it takes such a long time to get across it.

We got a kick out of my dad's waffle in the shape of Texas at the hotel breakfast.
All the other states lines we crossed happened in the rain. This is the bridge over the Mississippi River.
The USS Alabama or some other big battleship.
Joel and I also loved the Big Az Chicken Sandwich. They also had a Big Az Hamburger! This was some gas station in Alabama or Florida or Mississippi, probably Mississippi.
Joel didn't mean to make this face, but he really didn't like his veal so maybe he had just taken a bite.
I had a toenail appointment long before I knew I would be going to Florida. I was excited that I might get to wear flip flops and somebody might be able to see my cute toes!!! Notice the Penske Truck in front of us, that was our view the whole 4 days on the road. My dad drove the truck the WHOLE way!
This was our hotel room the last night. Mom and dad spoiled us with this one. It was pretty nice!
They also spoiled me by taking me to Carrabas, my favorite restaurant. Look how clean my plate was! YUM!!!
After arriving in Bonita Springs and unloading the truck we had a minute to run to the beach. Mom and I jumped out of the car, took a couple of pictures and jumped back in the car to head to the airport. I had to catch my flight from Ft Lauderdale, 2 hours away.
There they are, my cute toes in the sand.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but I am soooooo thankful for family that were willing and able to watch our kids. The boys went to Grandma and Grandpa Hults Friday where Andrew played games with Grandma all day, his favorite activity! The girls went and played with Tessa and Max. They played the wii and colored and I don't know what else! Grandma fed them all dinner after Eldon got home from work.

Saturday Jeanna took Andrew and Julia to play for the afternoon so Eldon was able to relax while AJ napped.

Sunday my in-laws helped out a bunch while Eldon was at his church meetings and during church also, I'm sure! That evening they joined all the Hult cousins at the Sintay's for treats and games.

Monday Kelly and John had all 4 kids all day and then they even fed them all dinner after Eldon got off work. The kids were very excited about riding the 4 wheeler and being pulled on the sled by the 4 wheeler. They always LOVE going to Kellys!

Tuesday the girls went to school and Grandma and Grandpa had the boys again. They made sure Andrew got to school also. Then Grandma fixed waffles for dinner, Andrew's all time favorite dinner! He is pretty spoiled by his Grandma!

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to help Joel with this move. We were very blessed with safety even through the thunder storms and now I can say I've been to Florida and a few other states on the way!

Thanks also to my sweet husband who supports all my hair-brained ideas like driving across the country! You are the best!

Super "A"

Andrew made the super hero cape with the letter A on it at preschool. He was very excited about it and loved having his picture taken with it on. !!!

Luckily both our boys start with A so they can both wear it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Freezing in the New Year

The Farris's invited us up for a New Year's Party. They told us to bring snow clothes and Bryan and Eldon would take the kids for rides on the sled pulled by the 4 wheeler. The kids had a great time, but it was FREEZING! I don't know how anybody lasted more than a few minutes out there at all.
See how rosy and red Emma's cheeks were. And that was before the ride started!

Andrew getting ready for his first ride!

There he goes!

Julia and AJ waiting for their turn.

Everyone had a great time playing games, playing the wii, eating yummy tortellini, and, of course, eating at least four desserts! The best part about it was we were all gone by 9:00. We rang in the new year in our cozy beds. In my opinion, the perfect way to welcome 2011!

Jumpin Jacks

My kids, especially Andrew has been begging me for quite a while to take him back to Jumpin Jacks. I wish we had Jumpin Jacks in our house. Andrew would be in Heaven! Anyway, I don't know how to take good action shots, but I think you can get the idea of how much fun they all had.
Andrew would just throw himself down every slide.

Emma was a bit more cautious.

AJ loved it all, and all the big kids loved to pack him around!

Brynn and Emma jumpin away. This is what I'm talking about with the action shots being poor.

Love the look on her face. ELATION!

Max and AJ

This is the one for kids 0-5. AJ loved it!

AJ, Max, and Julia riding the Merry Go Round.

It was hard to get good shots of the big kids because they were all too fast. By the time I would stand up to take their picture they would be at the bottom.
This was a super fun day!