Saturday, February 28, 2009

Julia's Baptism Day

Julia's baptism day was pretty relaxing. We decided not to do a meal afterwards, but to just do desserts, which at first I was upset about, but in the end I was grateful. I baked cookies all morning and finished cleaning. We took our time getting ready for the day, and Eldon and I both got a nap! We took Julia to an early dinner while Lisa watched Emma and Andrew for us. We had a nice, calm meal with Julia and Grandma and Grandpa Hult, who happened to come to the same restaurant as us around the same time and they were able to eat with us also. Julia looked beautiful in her white dress.

There were a couple mishaps at the baptism, but one of them wasn't my fault:) I accidentally asked my sister and my sister in law to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, but no talk on baptism without realizing it. OOPS! My poor sister winged her talk, and did a great job. She is such a trooper! The other mishap was when we went to the room with the font in it there was only about 12 inches of water in the font. We had to wait about 10 minutes to fill the font full enough for the baptism. That was a little chaotic with so many little kids waiting.

We felt very blessed to share this day with Julia. She is such a sweet, obedient girl. I'm grateful to have her for a daughter.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Party

Julia's actual birthday was on a Sunday so we had my family over for dinner Sunday evening. When the cousins came over we did a few of the activities that we had done with Julia's friends at her birthday party. Here is Julia showing the box of mini donuts.

Everyone made a mini flower pot.

The flower pots looked good enough to eat, thought Max!

I frosted mini cupcakes in the shape of an 8 for Julia's family party.

Julia's 8th B-day!

Julia had a miniature birthday party this year. Everything was small. The cakes were small, the girls made mini flower pots, we did a treasure hunt and the clues were hidden on small things and the treasure contained mini trinkets. Then we sent the girls home a box of mini donuts. I even had the store put helium in mini balloons, but the didn't stay inflated very long:(
Julia loves mini everything! It was a fun party, but mom is glad it is over!

The girls had a great time eating their mini cake off their mini plates with mini spoons and drinking their chocolate shakes out of mini cups with mini straws. I even folded mini napkins. It was so cute!