Monday, February 28, 2011

That kind of morning

It was THAT kind of morning.
1. Julia spills the coco puffs all over the floor.
2. Emma tries to pour her own coco puffs in her bowl and spills them again.
3. AJ pukes after eating his breakfast.
After cleaning up AJ, the puke in his booster on his chair, and under the table, and vacuuming the floor...
4. AJ helps himself to some nerds.

I decided he could clean them up himself. (Andrew helped a little also.)

He ate them off his chair.

He ate them off the floor.

He ate them standing up.

And he licked them off the table.

It was a LONG day!


Jean McKendrick said...

Nice! Love it when the day starts out like that! I haven't checked blogs most of February and am now realizing I missed a lot of posts! Your cake was cute you made for Julia's birthday party. What day is her birthday? Kaden's is the 13th.

Julia said...

Jean, Julia's birthday is the 22nd!