Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Party

We did the same cake for the family party because I thought it was cute and it was pretty easy, as far as cake decorating goes.

Julia got lots of great gifts, like these piano socks.

She got an outfit, which she picked out herself, but there were a few things that were surprises.

She got a couple of new books, which she LOVES!!!

This earring and necklace holder was a surprise and will come in handy since she got lots of jewelry from family and friends.

She was very excited about the new outfit for her American Girl Doll.

Just what every artist needs, NEW PAINTS!!!

Who needs to make a wish when all of hers came true today!!!

Love you, Julia! You are the sweetest girl ever!

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Tara said...

SUCH a darling cake, Sara! Happy Birthday to Julia. Time goes WAY too fast, doesn't it?