Thursday, February 17, 2011

"I pay attention" - Valentines 2011

That's what Eldon replied when I asked him how he knew I liked lillies. He pays attention. I am so lucky to have Eldon as my eternal Valentine! (Is that too cheesy to say?) He is the best husband a girl could want.

Funny side note...
When Emma met Eldon at the door and saw the beautiful flowers she said, "Ooh, cool tree!"

Julia with her valentine box she took to class. It wasn't overly creative, but it worked!! I must have been dejunking when the kids brought home their Valentines, because we removed all the treats and threw away all the cards and the box/bags. Now we just have treats and those will go soon too, one way or another!
These are the Valentines bags Emma and Andrew made at school.
AJ made this bouquet in Nursery. The little flowers are made of AJ's handprints. The card says December so I'm not sure if they did the handprints in December and made the flowers later or what. It's the poem about how their handprints are small right now, but they won't be for long. Something like that.
We had a great Valentines weekend and day! Eldon got free tickets to the BYU basketball game Saturday so that was our Valentines date. Monday night we had heart-shaped pizza like last year and then we had FHE! I dipped strawberries in chocolate for our treat! YUM!!!

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