Monday, October 25, 2010

Ho Hum

Last week was about as boring a week as you get.
AJ resorted to playing with pots and pans and strainers or whatever you call these things. Actually, even if it weren't a boring week AJ would still get out the pots and pans. He gets one in each hand and rubs them back and forth on the tile to make the loudest, most annoying noise ever! Mom just loves it!

Andrew didn't do anything exciting. He was pretty happy that Emma stayed home sick from school both Thursday and Friday. They played so well together both days, it was just like old times before Emma started 1st grade.

Emma just had a head cold but I had a hard time getting her going in the morning because I could tell she felt like her head weighed 50 lbs, so I let her stay home. She was feeling a lot better today and was sooooooo excited to go back to school!

Julia probably had the best week of all of us. She went with a friend to the high school football game Thursday night. She walked home with the same friend from school Friday and stayed until late. Then she played with the same friend for a couple of hours on Saturday also. Julia LOVES to PLAY!

I went to Jeremy's group therapy session at rehab Tuesday night. We had to sit in the circle and hold hands and share all our deepest feelings with each other. I found out my baby brother actually likes me. That was nice to know:) Wednesday I went to dinner with some friends. We had soup and salad and sandwiches at Zupas. YUMMY! Then we went to the mall and tried not to spend any money! Thursday night I went to Relief Society and made a temple picture for my family room! I am so excited to get it hung up!!!! I might have to wait until Grandpa Hult gets home so he can help me:) I guess my week wasn't so boring afterall. FUN TIMES!!!

Eldon went to the church Tuesday night. Our new bishop is keeping him busy, but it's a good thing. Who knew Ryan Dart could be such a slave driver. Ha ha!
Eldon wouldn't have missed the BYU Football game for anything. Rain or shine! This time it was rain, but BYU pulled through! Yeah....finally!

Sunday was our Primary Program. The kids did great and the whole program was beautiful!

Sick season has officially started at our house. Andrew started puking a few hours ago. Sickness really stinks!!!! There is nothing more to say about that. We're just hoping nobody else gets it.

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Greg and Heather said...

That doesn't sound too boring. It sounds pretty eventful to me. It looks like you have been busy the last couple of weeks. You're a fun mom. Your kids are lucky.