Monday, October 4, 2010

goodbye September, HELLO OCTOBER!

I just had to include this first picture. AJ likes Cocoa Puffs!

Julia's last soccer game of the season was awesome! Julia played hard. I love this picture of her winding up to kick. She almost scored! Hard to miss her with those long blue and white socks.

Julia's team doing their last set of 25 push-ups. If any member of the team gets a hands ball during the game, the whole team has to do push-ups. The coach is kind of like a drill sergeant.

Here the coaches are giving awards to the girls for their efforts. I'm proud of Julia for sticking with soccer this year even though the coach made them do hard things. I kept telling her, "Doing hard things will make you stronger." A good life lesson for all of us to remember!

Mommy got to go on a field trip with Emma on Friday. Her class gets to go almost every Friday to BYU and swim with a group of volunteers.

This was Emma's helper this week, Christina. She was adoreable with Emma and obviously Emma had a blast with her! They swam with float boards, a big pink floatie, and with a beach ball. I've never seen Emma so happy in the water before. It's pretty amazing that they can muster up enough volunteers to have one on one time for each of these special children! I was impressed! I was especially excited that I didn't have to get in the pool!!!! Yeah for BYU co-eds!

My kids have been really excited for Halloween this year, and they know that October means Halloween. This whole month may as well be called Halloween, so to celebrate the first day of Halloween we had this for dinner....

On the 2nd day of Halloween we helped Grandpa Tuckett celebrate 65 years of life! Happy Birthday G-pa! We love you!!

While at G&G Tuckett's house AJ found a puddle of water in the sandbox! Fun!!! Mommy was so excited!

On the 3rd day of Halloween we watched the leaders of our church speak in General Conference. It was a great time to reevaluate our goals and set new ones!

On the 4th day of Halloween Andrew wore this....

I guess he's going to be a bat....again!
And AJ wore this! We're not sure what he's going to be yet, but he will be happy as long as he has something to carry on his arm!

Happy first four days of Halloween only 27 more to go!


Jean McKendrick said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute idea celebrating Halloween every day of October!!! I LOVE Halloween, house has been decorated since mid September. It's like decorating for Christmas.
fun you were able to go on that field trip with Emma. I've yet to go with my kids. I didn't really have anyone to leave Kaden with but now that he's in school... :)

Tara said...

I volunteered in that swimming program once back in the day. I remember thinking it was a great experience. How fun for those kids, too!

Those pictures of AJ in that mud puddle are so funny.

Jeanna GT said...

fun fun. yes, i asked andrew what he wanted to be and that's what he told me. fun fun. can't wait to see what everyone else is doing! i do love october.

Eric said...

Thanks for the update of your family Sara. It looks like AJ doesn't mind getting dirty! I noticed that Andrew is off to the side. Although I'm surprised he actually has sand on his legs!!