Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Cute to Spook!

This was a fun and busy week! Wednesday I got to help with Julia's Halloween Party at school, but I was too busy watching the kids play the game to take any pictures.
After school we had a Halloween Party with the activity day girls at the church. The girls decorated cookies and then we played "Grab the Ghost", the same game I played with Julia's class!

Wednesday night Eldon and Andrew went with Grandpa Tuckett to the BYU Blue and White basketball game. Go Cougars!

Thursday was the day Emma dressed up in Halloween costumes at school, although they didn't put their costumes on until after lunch. AJ and I went to watch Emma's Halloween Parade, and then we took a picture of her getting ready for the class party.

Friday night we got to babysit our neighbors newborn baby. Eldon and I both LOVED holding and cuddling that sweet baby, but we were also both a bit relieved to send him home with his parents:) That satisfied any baby cravings we might be having!

Julia and Andrew went with G. Tuckett and some other T. Cousins to a play Friday night called the Reluctant Dragon. Julia said the play was okay but that it didn't compare to the book!

Saturday night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. Luckily the weather cleared for enough time to get rid of all our candy and for the kids to go around the circle once. We headed home just before the hail hit, although Grandma and Grandpa got hit pretty bad when we dropped them off at their house. Grandpa will probably never be dragged to the Trunk or Treat again:)

Andrew's bat costume...AGAIN, Julia is a beautiful fairy, AJ is the cutest Triceratops you have ever seen, and Emma is a sweet Snow White!

I love this picture because it looks like the triceratops is looking right at you!

We borrowed this costume from our neighbors and got lots of compliments on it. Its pretty cute, but that may be because of the person wearing it:) Although, I may be a bit biased!

After the Trunk or Treat we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Tuckett's house for a delicious dinner of candy, candy, and more candy. Grandma really did make us some yummy hamburgers, but the kids mostly ate candy.

Emma didn't eat much candy she was too scared of Grandma's candy bowl. The bowl has a hand that grabs you when you reach in to get the candy. It's pretty scary, and Emma was not going to go near it!

AJ loved his candy dinner and candy dessert! Luckily we had a safe, fun Halloween and nobody puked!!!!!


Jean McKendrick said...

Glad you had a fun Halloween and nobody puked! My kids got so much candy from the trunk or treat they will never eat it all. They had a ball though, that's all that counts. Your kids look darling. I love Halloween and all the fun activities that go along with it. Target is 75% off their Halloween today if you have one nearby. I've been to 3 today, I'm done.

Greg and Heather said...

cute cute kids! love the triceratops.

Stefany said...

Thanks so much for watching our kiddos. I did get Porter to take a binky today.. (I did a party dance.) So hopefully next time he won't be so fussy. Little PILL! Anyway, your kids are ADORABLE as always!

Mary said...

Um, AJ, seriously? Could he be any cuter in that costume. I can't believe he's walking... It's been tooooo long since my visit. (Invision me with a sad, sad, face.)

Mary said...

oops fer tha tipoes en that lst poste... eye hait et wen eye due that. ;)