Monday, October 11, 2010

Haunted Graham Houses

I got this idea from my super creative SIL. We have always done Ginger Bread houses at Christmas time, I don't know why we never thought of doing haunted houses at Halloween. It was a super fun project, especially for those of us who like candy:)

That's not a mole on Julia's chin, it's a blob of chocolate!

Emma's house fell down a few times, but that didn't stop her from adding more candy. Is this a face only a mother could love, or what!

So proud!

AJ was pleased with his bowl of candy!

This was Andrew's creation that he didn't really help with at all. Mommy and Julia did most of it.

Andrew didn't want to make a Haunted House, but he did want his picture taken in his bat costume....again.

Soooo cute, and soooo creative!

This was AJ's mad face when I took the candy bowl away from him.

A close-up of Emma's house.


Jean McKendrick said...

So we have always done gingerbread houses at my mom's for Christmas and when I say "we", I mean I let my mom help the cousins all do one. I think your Halloween ones look cute, were they easy? I am sure Kaden would just like eating all the treats. Basically graham crackers right and some frosting to make them stick together? Did yours stick pretty well? My kids would love them.

Sara said...

Jean, when we do Christmas gingerbread houses we have always melted sugar and dip the graham crackers to make them stick together. Adults only because this can cause some serious burns. I just used store-bought frosting for these, and, no, it did not hold our house together. That's why they all fell down:) Still lots of fun and lots of candy eaten!