Monday, October 11, 2010

Random good stuff

Presenting Chef AJ.
As you can see from this picture, AJ is a pretty good sport about being dressed up, dragged around, and coddled by his older siblings. I think AJ's favorite part of the week was sitting at the table with a bowl of candy in front of him. (See next post.)

A highlight of Julia's week was being a lunchworker at school. Mom loved it too, because it meant free lunch all week and she didn't have to make a home lunch:)
I made her pose for a picture with her lunchworker cap on. Crazy moms!

Andrew's favorite part of the week was probably going to the Jazz vs. Blazers preseason basketball game with dad Thursday night. Although this pair of sunglasses without lenses he got as a reward from the library reading program were pretty great too. Here he is again with his bat costume on. I think he wore it almost everyday this week again.

Emma had her last soccer game of the season on Saturday. They got a team picture and a medal at the awards ceremony. Then we all got pizza!

I think Emma was all soccered out at this point. Here she is with her VIP Buddy for the day rolling the ball back and forth.

Emma lost another tooth Sunday. We actually have no idea how, where, or when this happened. At Sunday dinner Eldon noticed Emma's gums were bleeding and when I looked in her mouth I realized her tooth was gone. Guess we'll have to put a note for the tooth fairy on the toilet for this tooth since we're pretty sure it got swallowed!

Eldon's highlight of the week was probably witnessing a Cougar WIN!!! Even though watching the Blazers play in person was pretty great too!

Sara's favorite part of the week is the fact that all her kids are healthy still. We are holding our breath just waiting for the sick season to start, hoping it can just pass us by this year. Hooray for healthy kids!!!!


Greg and Heather said...

such cute kids! caleb has swallowed two of his teeth. he was very concerned about the tooth fairy the first time it happened. greg was pretty happy about the byu win too!

Jean McKendrick said...

Your picture of Julia reminds me of the book Kai and I just read, "Junie B. Boss of Lunch", have you read that one? Nice you'd actually let her eat school lunch, here they are not worth eating in my opinion.