Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princess, Princess or Barbie

When asking Emma what kind of party she wanted the answer is always princess or barbie or either one since they are interchangeable anyway. (At least in Emma's mind!)
She couldn't decide between a princess castle cake and a mermaid cake, but I talked her into the princess castle cake because I thought it looked easier to make. Boy was I wrong. This is attempt #1.
The second layer fell apart when I tried to put it on the first layer.

I baked a whole new cake and the same thing happened with attempt #2.

I decided we would have to be happy with a one level castle. Emma just had to stick Ariel on top because no princess castle cake is complete without a princess.

Emma's birthday fell on a Friday night and it happened to be the last night of the Nerdin's visit so we invited both sides of the family and held Emma's party at the church.

It was perfect for the kids to play and run around. Here they are playing a big game of duck, duck goose.

Emma loves all things barbie and princess so that is what she got most of. She also got some color wonder stuff which she loves!

We were going to do the cake after the gifts, but someone forgot to bring the candles so we jumped ahead to the pinata.

I can't believe this girl is 7 already.

Emma and Brynn-best buds

AJ got Ariel off the cake and was scooping up ice cream with her dress and sucking it down.

We got a bunch of balloons stuck on the ceiling and Bryan came up with the most creative idea of getting them down. The vaccuum with the hose on the end.

Emma had a very fun birthday and she was so excited to share it with so much family! Thanks everyone for helping our Princess celebrate her day!


Annalyse said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! I can't believe she is 7 either. That is crazy. Time flies by way to fast.

Tara said...

The cake turned out great! I LOVE that picture of her with it. What a darling smile.

ally mia said...