Monday, April 4, 2011

When you know they're sick

They go in to their bed and fall asleep at 6:00 fully dressed with their shoes still on.

We had a bit of sickness at our house last week. AJ got a fever Sunday and had it for 2 days. Then Emma woke up with it Tuesday morning and Andrew's preschool teacher(Aunt Kelly) called me to come get him from school Tuesday because he had a fever. I took them all to the doctor and they all had red swollen throats but nobody had complained about their throat hurting and they still had their normal appetites. It was the weirest sickness. But it wasn't strep. Nope it was viral. I love paying $75 in copays to hear, "We can't do anything for them."
Luckily it was a short illness and everyone was better by Friday and I didn't have to clean up any puke!


Greg and Heather said...

i couldn't agree more on "not having to clean up puke". that's the worst!!!

Jean McKendrick said...

Oh I hate that when you spend that kind of money and they can't do anything for your kids. Grrr. You guys seem like you've had a lot of sickness this winter.