Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy "Green" Day!

My kids were very excited about the green shirts I found for bargain prices at Walmart. We had to take a picture before Emma left for school even though we hadn't had a chance to do Julia's hair yet.

AJ and Brynn are best buds. He is even trying to mimic her by folding his arms.

My SIL is sooo creative! I love this flower she made out of felt and a few buttons and pinned over the top of an existing flower to add more green to B's shirt. Adoreable!
How do people come up with things like that?

I told AJ he had to smile and say cheese for the picture. That is when I noticed his lunch still in his mouth. He has just started storing things in his cheeks for hours after a meal. It drives me CRAZY!!!!
Good thing he is so darn cute!

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Jean McKendrick said...

Cute St. Patty's day clothes. I neglected to get a picture of my kids in their "greens" this year.