Thursday, March 17, 2011

Las Vegas

Eldon and I went to Las Vegas with my parents for the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament. The days preceding our departure I tried to keep all the kids healthy. Made them go to bed on time, tried not to share too many germs with each other, etc. I thought, as we left at 6:00 am Thursday morning, that we had done it. We left without one sick child and didn't have to feel bad about leaving sick children for other people to take care of.

Little did I know....
Andrew had caught the stomach flu from who knows where. Thursday night Grandma was up ALL night with him puking.
Then they all slept at Kelly's Friday night.
Andrew shared his sickness with Emma who started puking Saturday morning just before they were leaving to go to Jeanna's.
AJ started in with it Saturday afternoon and Andrew started again while Emma still had it. Jeanna had 3 of my puking children at one time. Bless her! Luckily Lisa was available to help and took Emma for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. AJ slept all night, but Andrew had it again and was up all night Saturday. My kids even shared with their cousins, Ashlee and Erica who were sick Sunday, and Lisa who had a mild case of the bug Monday.

Nobody even told me until Saturday night that my kids were sick and by then it was too late to head home. AJ was in the tub when we got to Jon and Jeanna's to pick them up because he had just choked on something and puked. Since we got home we haven't had one sick child.

This was one of my worst nightmares and it makes me never want to leave my kids again. But it also makes me feel so GRATEFUL to have such WONDERFUL family members who care for and comfort my children as their own while I am away.


Tara said...

You've got some real gems for family members that's for sure! Bless them for not telling you sooner, you got to enjoy some time away. How fun to go watch Jimmer and the boys. I'm jealous of that part.

Jean McKendrick said...

Nice on the kids getting sick while you are gone. You do have some wonderful family members to take such good care of them while you are away!