Monday, November 22, 2010

Articles of Faith Celebration

This was a pretty quiet week. Tuesday night Eldon and I got to go to the temple with my nephew who is leaving on a mission in a few weeks. It was great to be in the temple with almost all the adults in my family. We only missed Cindy, Brigham, Melissa, and Jeremy.
Wednesday Eldon went to the BYU basketball game.
Thursday night I had a Primary Leadership Meeting.
Friday we didn't have any plans and enjoyed a night at home doing nothing in particular.
Saturday morning was our Primary Activity. We have been working on memorizing the Articles of Faith as a primary this year. We were having ice cream sundaes and the kids would get a different topping for every article of faith memorized. At the celebration we had a carnival with a different game or activity for every article of faith. The kids who came had a great time and really enjoyed their ice cream!!

Saturday night Eldon went to the BYU Football game and from there headed to the BYU basketball game. It was a fun night for him. I was home holding Julia's hair back while she puked:(
We had to take all the food we had prepared and have Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house since Julia was sick. Emma had a head cold so she stayed home also. Julia's flu bug or whatever she had went away quickly because she was feeling a lot better Sunday night. We even went out and played in the freshly-fallen snow. Then we came in and had cocoa and watched our new living scriptures video. It was a fun girls night!
This afternoon is Emma's school program and tonight Eldon and I are going to the Jazz game with some friends. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures from those two things!


Jean McKendrick said...

Oh you HAVE to post some snow pictures!! So jealous. I heard UT is under a blizzard watch today. Your primary activity sounds fun. Have you read the new handbook? No quarterly activities anymore. Lots less work for the presidency but I think a little sad for the kids.

Sonja said...

That is such a cool activity!