Monday, November 15, 2010

What dads will do for their daughters

This was a big week for Julia. Wednesday night was her school program. It wasn't your typical program. They did sing a few songs about Utah History at the beginning but the remainder of the program was square dancing. They each got to pick a partner to dance with. Julia chose her dad! They danced the Virginia Reel, The Heal Toe Polka, and Oh Johnny Oh. The kids also did the Electric Slide and everyone joined in on the Hokey Pokey, neither of which have anything to do with Utah History. Eldon had been forwarned that he would be dancing and he was a great sport, especially since Emma had gotten nervous before the show started and wet herself on his leg. It was a fun and entertainting school program! Julia and her daddy did a wonderful job!

Thursday night was Julia's Duet Piano Recital. She has a duet partner and they have been working on a couple of pieces for Festival, but this duet recital was for piano students to do a duet with one of their own loved ones. About two months ago Julia had to BEG her dad to commit to doing this with her. He was NOT excited about playing the piano in front of people. He finally was convinced and then he made sure they practiced plenty so they would not make fools of themselves at the recital. The practice paid off! They played their piece perfectly! It was so fun to watch them! This just goes to show dads with do just about anything for their little girls! I didn't get a picture while they were playing because I was using the video camera that I cannot upload to this blog for some reason. I guess videos can only be 14 seconds long to be able to upload them.

Friday Eldon took most of the day off and I was able to go with Emma on her swimming fieldtrip again. Emma thought is was really fun to shut herself inside the lockers. Emma with her friend Zoey.

Friday night Eldon took Julia on a date to celebrate their success! They went miniature golfing and to Brick Oven for dinner.

Saturday Julia had Festival, where they get judged and critiqued on a few polished piano pieces. Last year she and her partner only recieved an excellent so we tried even harder to get them together more often to practice. The practice paid off! They received a Superior ranking! Yeah!!

Andrew made mustaches at school when they talked about the letter M!

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Mike and Lisa said...

Eldon is such a good sport! Looks like you guys have been busy. I love reading your weekly updates!