Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Break at the zoo

We went up to Park City the last night of Spring Break and stayed in a hotel with Jon and Jeanna and family. We swam in the pool and went out for Pizza, but I was too busy coralling kids to take any pictures:(
Friday morning after the yummy buffet breakfast at the hotel we went to the Hogle Zoo. My kids LOVE the zoo! Andrew especially asked many times to return to the zoo after our last zoo trip. Even though it was FREEZING we all had a great time! Nobody complained about the temperature, nobody cried or whined at all. We saw all the animals, rode the carousel, and the train and were done by 12:30. We ended our little trip at Carls Jr. What could be better? (Maybe sunny California, but who's asking anyway!)


Greg and Heather said...

Looks like fun! I'm sure that they will remember that just as well as they would going to Cali. Your hair is it!

Mary said...

Cute, cute, cute... you I mean. You look awesome! ☺ The kids aren't too shabby either.