Friday, April 23, 2010

April Fools

How about strawberry pie for dinner and hamburgers for dessert or should I say SHAM-burgers!
Meat loaf topped with mashed potatoes colored pink. I thought it was yummy, but only Julia agreed. The younger ones were expecting something sweet because of the color:) Emma didn't finish hers and therefore could not have dessert, but I don't think she cared much since she's not a fan of hamburgers, especially for dessert!

Julia loved hers! Who would pass up a york peppermint patty sandwiched between two cookies and frosting! I scraped off the coconut, but enjoyed the rest! YUM!!!

Andrew enjoying his April Fools Day cuisine. He must has shoved his dinner down so he could enjoy dessert! He knew what the shamburgers were made of since he helped make them.

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Jean McKendrick said...

What a cute April fools idea, but I am with your kids, not sure I could've gotten the dinner down. Dessert, yes. But then I am the adult so who says I have to get dinner down to eat dessert right?!