Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emma turns 6!

Emma turned 6 on March 25. I can't believe how fast the years pass by. Although Emma has not grown much in stature this year, she has progressed in leaps and bounds with many things. She is in a transitional kindergarten class which she just loves!! She is learning her letters and numbers, slowly but surely. She learns things pretty quickly, but she doesn't want to let anyone know what she knows until she decides the time is right! Emma is her own person and does things on her own time and we just celebrate whenever we can with her! Emma opened her new birthday outfit before school.

She is our birthday princess. Emma loves princesses and sparkly things, that's why I knew she would love this shirt.

I took mini cupcakes to Emma's class on her birthday. Emma was so excited to be the star bee student of the week in her class. She had been asking me all year if she could take pictures of baby Emma to school to show her class. Emma loved listening to her classmates sing happy birthday to her. I wish I would have taken my video camera, she was enthralled! Don't you love the look Emma gives me over the rim of her glasses, she is thoroughly enjoying her cupcake. A month later and she still talks about how I took teeny tiny cupcakes to her class!

On Emma's birthday we had G&G Hult over to open gifts. She was most excited about the princess movies from Grandma and Grandpa! We got her a bike, but it's too big for her to ride right now. She was excited about the princess sticker I put on it.

We put candles on the extra cupcakes from Emma's class and sang happy birthday again!

I'm not sure if this look is saying, I'm really tired or I've had too many sweets today! Maybe a little of both:)

After cupcakes we went down to get frozen yogurt because Emma's favorite treat in all the world is icecream!
What a great day we had celebrating the birth of our sweet Emma Raine!


Greg and Heather said...

what a fun day for an adorable little girl!

mom26kids said...

It has been so long emma is beautiful she reminds me of Mariah. same hair and Mariah loves birthdays and Ice cream! we should get the girls together sometime Mariah would love it my email is

Jean McKendrick said...

She is so cute! I absolutely love her princess birthday shirt! Looks like she had a grand day!