Friday, April 23, 2010

Coloring Eggs

The kids had a great time coloring Easter Eggs. This is not a tradition we are consistent with, but I always enjoyed coloring eggs as a child and we had a left-over kit from last year so I thought it might be fun. It's not very much fun for an adult to supervise egg coloring with small children. We only have one large purple stain on our rug from this event, so I guess it could have been worse. I'm not sure this will be a tradition we continue, but maybe I'll forget about the chaos and the stain by next Easter:)

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Jean McKendrick said...

I am the egg dying nazi mom. No hands in the dye, no dropping eggs in the dye (you have to gently place them in the cups), no fighting over dye. In fact my kids were bathed in pajamas when we did our 18 eggs. We don't even eat the boiled eggs (I have one that's allergic to eggs and the rest of us don't care for them boiled). I put a plastic drop cloth on the table. We did have one spill right away but thankfully it was onto the drop cloth and my floors are laminate so we were spared any stains. :) It is a tradition they look forward to as I did as a child. The Easter bunny hides them around the house and I think they had more fun looking for those then they did their baskets Easter morning. Course the Easter Bunny has to get up early that morning to get the eggs out of the fridge.