Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My best friend, Mary, came to visit from Virginia. It was so great to have some much-needed girl time. We talked a lot, ate good food, well, we ate whatever Mary's diet allowed, shopped, shopped some more, got together with some great friends, got pedicures, and went to the temple. It was such a fun week!

A friend of Mary's let us use her dad's condo near Park City. When we arrived we had to figure out how to turn on the furnace and water heater. Luckily two of the amazing girls with us figured out how to light the pilot light! Until then, we warmed ourselves by the heat of the oven.

Mary was on the maintenance phase of the HCG diet. If she ate any sugar or carbs the scale showed it. When she cheated she would have to fix it by drinking a gallon of water all day and then eating a giant steak for dinner. She was nice enough to cook us all a steak so we could help her enjoy her first meal of the day!

She did it, and even after that she lost 4 pounds! Crazy diet:)


Jean McKendrick said...

What a fun girls week!! I see a Utah State Aggies sweatshirt in the picture, did your friend go to USU? Loved it there!!

Sara said...

She did go to USU. Her husband is also from Logan so they are true Aggies forever.

Greg and Heather said...

Sound fun! I need one of those getaways.