Thursday, January 28, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Part #1

Andrew turned 4 on Friday, August 22. The whole weekend was dedicated to celebrating the birth of our cute boy! Andrew helped me make the cake by cleaning the beaters when I was done with them. We found a cool pattern for a bike cake on the Family Fun website. Mine doesn't look quite as cute, but you get the idea. Andrew's only gift request was a new bike. He was really excited about this one, but it tipped over right after we took this picture and the chain guard broke. Now we have to return it and get a new one. This is where the video will go of Andrew blowing out the candles on his cake as soon as I learn how to upload files from my new video camera:)

After dinner and opening gifts we went over to the church with some cousins to play baseball with Andrew's new bat and ball set. We had a great time running around and playing. We even took Andrew's bike so he could ride it a little more before we have to take it back.

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