Thursday, January 28, 2010

Andrew's Birthday Part #2

About a month ago I had to pick up a book at the BYU Bookstore. As we passed the bowling alley Andrew asked what it was. I told him maybe he could ask daddy if he would take him bowling for his birthday, fully expecting Andrew to forget all about it. Ever since then Andrew has said at least once a week, "I'm going bowling for my birthday!" How could we not take him after that. He had never even been bowling so he didn't know what he was missing out on. He had such a good time he'll probably ask to go bowling every week until his next birthday.

Andrew showing his excitement after bowling a STRIKE! Andrew actually won the game, but daddy came in a pretty close 2nd!

This was Emma's first time bowling also. She loved it! She didn't even care if her ball hit any pins at all, she was just excited to roll the ball down the ramp.

Julia has been bowling a few times. She used the bumpers but not the ramp.

I didn't get a picture of G&G Hult who were kind enough to come watch and hold AJ for us.

We all had a great time bowling!


Tara said...

What kid doesn't love BYU bowling? Still ranks high on Caleb's list and he doesn't even live there! :)

Mary said...

Dang, I love your kids!