Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Breakfast - a day late

We had our traditional Tuckett Family Christmas breakfast this year the day after Christmas so Joel and Melissa could make it. Joel had to work on Christmas Eve. Like always mom and dad spoiled us with delicious food and some great gifts!

I don't know why the only pictures I take at Christmas time are the kids opening their gifts. After a while the pictures all start to look similar and kind of boring.
Julia got the Calico Critter Bear Family from G&G Tuckett and more Pixos from the Christensens.

Emma got a Princess video and a tutu with leggings, the perfect Emma gift! She also got an Ariel Barbie from the Christensens.

Andrew got a play dough toy from the Tucketts.

From G&G Tuckett he got a ball and Wedgits. They are a very fun alternative to building blocks. Definitely mommy's favorite toy of the season! Andrew likes them too!

AJ got a walker from G&G, but it was too big for him to open himself. From the Hardys he got a cute new outfit that Aunt Cindy spent way too much money on. But we love it and he wears it everyday it's clean! We're going to get her money's worth out of that one!

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