Monday, May 2, 2011

AJ's Birthday Bash

AJ chose Froggy cupcakes for his birthday so we went with a froggy theme!

I set him on the counter to take a picture with his cupcakes and he just couldn't resist sampling them.
He thought it was quite funny, probably because everyone was laughing at him.

AJ shares his birthday with Grandma Tuckett, but he was not ready to have a picture taken with her.

AJ has many talents and picking his nose is just one of them.

AJ opened this first gift and said, "Oh, new sandals" He is a pretty good talker.

How ironic that the shirt says I'm not spoiled but AJ showed how spoiled he is not 2 seconds later when he received a new book.

After pulling this trucks book out of the gift bag AJ didn't want to open another gift. He only wanted to read his book about trucks.

He wanted Grandma to read it to him and he was NOT going to take no for an answer.

Meanwhile Julia opened the rest of his gifts. My mom found this adoreable Froggy ball toss game that went perfectly with our froggy theme!

AJ obviously didn't care about anything but his trucks book.

He did warm up a little and opened a few more gifts. I made the froggy blanket on grandma's lap.

AJ got a Scentsy Buddy. Before I ordered this online I let AJ choose which animal he wanted and he chose the Froggy. When he opened the box and hugged Ribbert, he said, "um, smells good!"
AJ was really good at blowing out the candles. He blew them out 3 times before we could finish singing and get a picture.

We had to move the cake far away to light it again!

Who needs a fork anyway, right!


I love how he is grabbing both sides of the plate to get a better bite!

Someone finally found him a fork.

We LOVE this adoreable, funny, cuddly, slightly spoiled 2 year old and wouldn't change anything about him, most of the time!!! Happy Birthday, AJ!

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