Monday, December 20, 2010


That's what Eldon thought this old school (with an awesome sledding hill) in Payson was called. I informed him of the correct way to say it "Peteetneet", but now he says it wrong just to bug me.
Anyway, we had a fun, busy week.

Monday was family night.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights Eldon was at the church.

Wednesday afternoon Julia and I had Activity Days which I dread because the girls are super hyper and loud, and bordering disrespectful, but this week my prayers were answered. The girls were quiet, polite, and helpful! Merry Christmas to me!

Thursday we had a nice, quiet, relaxing evening at home! We all LOVE those!

Friday night Eldon and I went on a hot date to Carrabbas for dinner. My favorite! Just thinking Pollo Rosa Maria makes my mouth water! Thanks to my cousin Audrey for the gift card! Again Merry Christmas to me! Then Eldon followed me around the mall and sat patiently while I tried on jeans. I finally got myself a pair of jeans with some cute pockets and a little bling. Maybe I'll take a picture later. First I have to wrap them and put them under the tree. Merry Christmas to me!

Saturday morning was our biggest event of the week...

Sledding at Peteetneet!

AJ never had to walk up the hill.

This is usually how he would ride up. Stiff as a board.

Don't you just love his purple snow pants! That's when you know you're at kid #4. You wear whatever fits no matter what color it is!
This is Julia and Andrew going off the little jump right before the big jump where they wiped out and Andrew face-planted in the snow.
These are his battle wounds. I love that you can see the tear running down his face!
These guys are all set to go when all of a sudden....
Emma jumps on too! She ended up falling off halfway down because they were lopsided!
Most of the time AJ waited patiently at the top of the hill because we only had one sled.
Sometimes it's hard to climb the hill when you keep slipping and then your mitten falls off and snow gets up your sleeve and your hand is frozen. Can you feel her pain?
Jules all tired out after another jaunt up the hill.

Who needs a sled anyway when you've got slippery snow pants.

So fun!


Annalyse said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad you got you some new jeans. I bet they look great on you! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!! Let's try to get together before I start school on the 5th. I could do lunch on the 3rd or 4th if you want.

Jean McKendrick said...

How fun Sara! I was actually able to take my kids on Monday, it snowed the first night we were here. They had a ball!! I forgot though how much work it is to get everyone dressed appropriately to go out in the winter weather! I love the purple snow pants, that's how I work too, whatever fits. :)