Monday, December 13, 2010

Midway Retreat

Eldon had a few more days he needed to take off work before the end of the year and he didn't want to just sit around the house and do nothing so he ended up booking a condo for us for a couple of nights. We left Wednesday after the kids got home from school and just relaxed after we checked in. Thursday we swam in a neighboring hotel pool since ours was under construction. We went to the game room and played arcade games during AJ's nap. That night we took the kids to McDonalds playland to get some wiggles out. We checked out Friday and did a little shopping in Park City and were planning to spend the rest of the day in Salt Lake at Temple Square, but the weather did not cooperate. It was raining and snowing all morning so we just drove home.
Sign of a successful mini vacation!

I promise she is just sleeping, not dead.

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