Sunday, September 19, 2010

soccer, toes, lunch, fieldtrips, etc.

As far as soccer goes, Julia's team had another rough week. They lost both games no thanks to miss Erica scoring a goal for her team. Julia tried to stop her by tripping her(it wasn't really on purpose), but she was unstoppable! I hope she enjoyed her snowcone!

Julia went on a field trip to the symphony. Her favorite part was when they played the Harry Potter theme song. She is becoming a fanatic. Her nose is constantly in a Harry Potter book. She just finished book 6, only 1 more to go.

Julia and mommy also got their toenails painted this week! Julia got softballs and a #5 on her big toe. Her one big toenail is chipped thanks to a kickball accident a couple of weeks ago.

Sara got swirlies with little green flowers. So fun!

It was a toenail party!

Sara had a great post-birthday week! Lunch with a couple of great high school friends Monday. She had a friend over for lunch Thursday. Lunch with her sister Friday and, as pictured, lunch with mission friends Saturday! Spoiled, again!

Emma also went on a field trip for school this week. They went to the BYU duckpond and then to Jason's Deli to eat lunch. Here is a link to watch a video her teacher put together if you're interested. It takes a minute to load.

Andrew came home from preschool Wednesday and told me he learned a new song at school that day. When I asked what the song is about he told me it's about MONEY!!! Then proceeded to sing:
5 senses, 5 senses
we have them, we have them
seeing, hearing, touching
tasting, smelling
there are 5, there are 5.

About MONEY, how cute is that!

No pictures of AJ and Eldon this week. BYU lost again:(
AJ is learning new words everyday. He learned to say Andrew and Emma's names this week. And he has consistently called Sara momma all week instead of daddy! Yeah!!

Someday I'll get a video on here so you can see how his dancing has improved!!!


Mary said...

Mommy, daughter pedi's... just a bit jealous. ☺

Sara said...

They weren't actual pedi's, just toenail painting. So you don't have to be too jealous:)