Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miracles never cease

Emma had a permanent tooth grow in behind the baby tooth which meant the baby tooth was not loose at all. Sorry if the pictures are a little gross.

When I called the dentist office I figured they would agree with me when I suggested she be sedated, afterall they were there at our last cleaning. They witnessed the screaming and running and mommy pinning Emma to her lap and holding her head still just so the dentist could look inside her mouth. Instead they said, we'll try taking the tooth out without using anything. If we have to we'll give her something that relaxes her. I thought, you've got to be kidding. They are crazy if they think Emma's just going to sit there and let them pull her tooth out, but that's just what she did. She was nervous and her heart was beating like you wouldn't believe, but she layed back, watched a tv show, and let them pull her tooth out just like that!!! I was almost in tears I was so proud of her!

The hole!

The tooth!

The trinkets! They gave her 2 tokens to spend, and a free ice cream certificate for being so good! That is our miracle for the week!


Mary said...

Definitely a proud mommy moment. What a trooper! I hope the Tooth Fairy that comes to your house is better than ours. She always is a day or two behind. She must be REALLY busy. Or really 'flighty'.

Sara said...

Our tooth fairy actually showed up the first time this time since it was Emma's first lost tooth and all. After the second or third tooth, you never know when she might show up!

Jean McKendrick said...

Glad she did so well and they were able to get the tooth out without sedating her! Yeah for small miracles.