Sunday, July 18, 2010

VIP T-ball

Mapleton City has a VIP (Very Important People) sports league for kids with dissabilities that Emma's physical therapists recommended for Emma.

Things we found out about Emma during her t-ball season:
1-Emma only likes to hit the ball, not run the bases, or play in the outfield(pretty typical kid).
2-Emma has an extremely small head as all head gear was way too big for her! Notice her hat in the picture of her standing on 3rd base.
3-Emma does not do well in the heat. She spent more time taking drink breaks than in the field.
4-Emma's favorite part of the game was the team cheer at the end.
5-Emma would probably want to do t-ball again next year, even though she had to be coaxed and dragged onto the field each game, because they got a really cool trophy!

It's all about the TROPHY folks, and the team picture, of course!!!

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Jean McKendrick said...

I love tee ball, so much fun! Kaden did NOT like playing the outfield, especially as it got hotter. He liked to hit and "show off" on home plate, other than that I think he could take it or leave it.