Tuesday, July 20, 2010

miscellaneous june fun!

This post is for all the things in June that weren't big enough to have their own post, or I didn't have enough pictures to make it worth having a separate post!


The girls gave Eldon homemade air fresheners for his car for Father's Day. They were so excited to give them to him!

AJ is the typical one year old, emptying drawers and cupboards faster than I can clean them up. He looks so pleased with himself:)

Girls night out to the Eclipse preview. We decided the midnight showing is more fun to attend than 7:00, but still enjoyed the movie!

Emma decided to help get AJ ready for the day a few weeks ago. I caught her changing his diaper. What a helper! Never a dull moment at our house.

Last but not least, Spanish Fork Reservoir, one of our favorite summer hotspots! Emma spends half of her time there in the shade with the mommies. AJ loves the water! He also loves fruit snacks and has shoved his whole bag of snacks into his mouth at the same time in the last picture.


Jean McKendrick said...

Looks like a fun filled summer Sara. Four more weeks here and it's all over but then I send both mine to school!! I can't wait. :)

Mary said...

Sare, I loved these pics! I miss you guys... your hair is so cute.