Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dalles Highlights

Eldon and I took Julia on a quick road trip to his hometown the end of June to participate in some family events. Here are some highlights of the trip.
Meeting baby Allison, who is truly a miracle baby! We are so happy she made it safely to earth to join the Nerdin family. What a sweet blessing she is for us all!

The kids had a blast swimming in the Nerdin's pool.

Kari had a big baby shower, or as the men liked to call it an "Open House", so everyone could come see the baby. This was the only pic I took at the shower.

Saturday Allison wore one of the outfits we gave her at the shower since it was one of the only ones small enough to fit her.

We got to watch our nephews, Logan, Nickolas and Devin play roller hockey. This is a really cool sport I wish they had in Spanish Fork.

Saturday night we had the opportunity to drive to Vancouver, WA to watch our nephew, Zach, participate in a dance festival with other youth from seven different stakes throughout Northern Oregon and Southern Washington. These kids had been practicing their dances for months. The festival was spiritual and inspiring, and the dancing was pretty impressive! It was a definite highlight of the trip! Way to go, Zach!

This blessing dress was hand-stitched by Eric's grandma and worn by Eric's mom and all of Eric's sisters at their blessings.

Sunday was Allison's blessing day!

See the cute bow Allison has in her hair. There is a pretty funny story that goes with the bow. First of all, Pam bought some ribbon to make a bow and gave it to Kari at Spooky's where we ate lunch Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning right before church Kari realized she left the ribbon at Spooky's. I looked around and found some ribbon on a gift bag, cut it with some nail scissors, and tied a bow. Then on the way out the door Kari grabbed the caro syrup so we could stick the bow to the baby's head. On the way to church I tried to get the lid off the caro syrup with no luck, when we got to church Eldon hit the bottle on the curb to loosen the lid. While I was taking the lid off I cut my finger which instantly began bleeding, a lot. I dipped my finger in the syrup and wiped it on the bow trying not to bleed on the bow at the same time. I walk into church and grabbed a tissue for my bleeding finger while carefully holding the bow with syrup on it in the other hand excusing myself from shaking hands with the greeters because I had the BOW! Finally, I walked up and stuck the bow on the baby's head! Mission accomplished, or so I thought:) When it was time for the blessing Zach picked up Allison to pass her to his dad when, what became stuck on his cheek....the cute little baby BOW. Oh well, who needs a bow anyway, right!!!!

We are so grateful to have been apart of this weekend and to spend the time with family.

Thanks to Marci for letting us stay in her trailer, and thanks to all the loved ones at home who took care of our other 3 kids while we were gone. Your sacrifice was very much appreciated!

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Jean McKendrick said...

That's neat you were able to make that trip. I miss living close enough so I can drive to see family.