Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk with Angels

A few years ago we joined a support group for families of children with special needs called the United Angels Foundation. This group took the place of the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation for us since there were problems among the Salt Lake and Utah County Chapters. We have really enjoyed being a part of the UAF. It is so nice to bond with other families who might be having some similar experiences as us, and who we can turn to with questions or for support. This was the UAF's first walk ever! They called it The Walk with Angels. It was a blast and they did an awesome job putting it together! We were very thankful to have so much family support there. Thanks to all those who supported us, both near and far! We really appreciate it!
Emma was clinging to Tessa because she was afraid of the Mascots.

The kids LOVED the bounce house and the big slide!

The Emma Raine Walkers waiting for the walk to start.

Luckily the rain stopped just before we got there. We came prepared and dressed for cold just in case.

Thanks again to all who came and supported and who supported from afar. Thanks also to Mark and Dave(MAD Screenprinting) for doing the shirts for us.

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Tara said...

Makes me teary! I'm so glad you've got such a great support system. Such a beautiful family. I'm so excited to see you soon.